Dominance in the Southeast

We return to the war in the southeast between Malice and Malum Ignis.

Malum has stood strong against the onslaught by Malice but cracks are beginning to appear in their armor: will they be resilient or cast from the lands? Tune in to find out.

In this edition of the Nords Chronicle we return to a story that we left off a couple of weeks ago.
The story I am referring to is none other than the battle between the top clan in the realm, Malice and their enemy Malum Ignis.

When we last left off, Malice had declared war on Malum Ignis as tensions had risen to a boiling point between both sides.
Malum Ignis was the only clan up until this point that was tolerated to hold an Obelisk in the South East, what is known as Malice lands.

This toleration was to last no longer and as we previously reported Malice began its attacks on Malum Ignis's one sole Obelisk and seat of power.
When we last left off, the reports were coming into the Chronicle of wave after wave of softening hits.

These assaults were slowly, but surely chipping away at the Malum Ignis defenders, yet resilient they stood.

The violence after those reports carried on. Malice was set on its prize and there was no looking back.
The attacks were ordered to increase in volume and ferocity and increase they did.

The Bannerman from clan Malice sent their forces into the night, striking out against the fortifications of Malum Ignis. Scorpdog, a well known and respected Advisor in clan Malice landed a serious attack, which was repelled but which took many defenders to their graves along with his own men.

After this onslaught, Scorpdog then sent forth a massive wave of scouts, which were successful in penetrating and discovering what remained in Obelisk 16.


The defenders were clearly weakened, but a significant amount of troops yet remained. Malice gathered its top hitters and called for one last assault on Obelisk 16 before it's defenders could recover their strength.

Bishop Hit

Malice Softens Malum

 At this point, the stage was set and the final assault was sent in. As can be seen from the image obtained by the Chronicle below, the final attack on Malum Ignis was victorious and the forces of Malice easily marched through the gates, raising their flag high, for all to see.

Malice Takes OB

Malice Takes OB

With this victory, Malice fully secured their lands and obtained one of the hardest achievements to gain in the realm, the much coveted level 10 "Keepers of the Flame".

Keepers of the flame

For now, the dust has settled and the troops have returned home, Malum Ignis and their warriors have been cast out, fleeing to the far reaches and hoping to rebuild their strength. Yet not all is calm.

War is once again in the air, rumors are flying that the entire realm is about to be sent into Anarchy and the greatest war that we have ever seen is soon to be upon us. 

Will we survive the battles that are surely to come, will we persevere, or will the land be torn apart as the warriors of Shingard foolishly battle one another? Only time will tell.

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