The Thugs Ravage the North

Once again the Chronicle is reporting from the frigid Northern reaches of our realm. A battle has commenced between two of the greatest clans in the realm and some of the fiercest warriors.

Solstice, formerly known as clan Decadence, has controlled most of the Northern lands for months, at times so much so that they have gained the position of the top ranked clan in the realm. Yet their dominance has come under question as war now rages across their lands.

The Thugs, lead by their marshal Hemphop and their most fearsome warrior Pipo, have declared war on the French-speaking clan Solstice and have vowed to cast them down. This is a war that will not be won in a single battle, as these are no minor clans.

Both sides command vast armies that stretch into the distance, both sides have readied their blades and given the order to march. Battles have already commenced and both sides have suffered heavy losses, but as of writing, the Thugs have been victorious in the majority of these skirmishes.

The warrior Pipo, known as the top Offensive player in the realm, has torn apart the lands of clan Solstice, ripping through Obelisk after Obelisk, already claiming many and raising the Thugs flag high in victory.

Thugs North

As can be seen from the image above, the Thugs have torn through the southern part of Solstice lands, cutting them off from the South and forcing them to consolidate their forces further and further into the North-East.

Some clans, such as the AoC and Vanguard, have been opportunistically moving into vacant Obelisks that were left unguarded. They have not, however, entered into the battles themselves.

The ferocious nature of the Thugs has struck fear into the hearts of clan Solstice and its citizens, predominantly because of the armies commanded by general Pipo, who has already accumulated a staggering amount of PvP points in this week's event.

PiPo Points

Will Soltice be able to muster their defenses, rally and crush the advancing armies of Pipo, or will he continue to ravage their lands? 

The answers to these questions are yet unknown, but you can rest assured that the Chronicle will be following this war closely and keeping you, our readers informed of the latest breaking news. Until then, be safe and stay warm my friends.

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