Decadence, Meet the Drifters

Heroes of Shingard! Once again, thank you for joining us at the Nords Chronicle. As always, we are proud to bring you the latest news from across the battlefield!
Reports have been flooding the Chronicle about various skirmishes and bloody battles that have been erupting across our proud lands.
Some of these battles have been petty disputes over contested resources, some have been over minor differences in opinions, and others have been over the newly risen monuments of power, the Obelisks.
We at the Chronicle wish that we could be writing about an age of peace spreading far and wide, but alas, this would be false (and boring). With the rise of the Ice Queen and her undead minions, there are huge opportunities to be seized and, therefore, great conflict.
This week, we focus in on two powerful clans that have risen quickly up the ranks, two clans that have already made their prowess and valor known to any who have had the benefit of meeting them. The two clans I speak of are none other than clan Decadence and the Drifters.
Fortunately for the Ice Queen, not all clans have been able to set aside their differences and join forces against her and her minions. Naturally, many Nords prefer bashing each other’s skulls. This has given her the much-needed reprieve she desperately required after her shattering defeat at the Obelisk.
The dispute between the Drifters and Decadence has raged for weeks now: with both sides heavily concentrated in the Northern lands, it was only a matter of time before disputes arose over territory and their newly captured Obelisk.
Starting out as a war of words, the situation quickly escalated into a war of steel. Both sides began raiding the others’ strongholds, inflicting serious damage and pillaging each others’ resources.
The scene was set for a pitched battle rather than low-level skirmishes. An attack was sent by Clan Decadence, the Drifters raised the alarm and a rally call went out to its members. The destination: Rakrakia, currently the strongest member of Clan Drifters.

Rakrakia Castle

Gaining knowledge of this fact, Decadence put out the word to its strongest players, the troops were mobilized and the forces marched to their deaths or victory or maybe both. Wave after wave of attacks were launched against the defenders of Rakrakia. The images of the battles that the Nords Chronicle was able to obtain are shocking and pretty epic.

Decandence Vs Drifters RakRakia

Decandence Vs Drifters RakRakiaDecandence Vs Drifters RakRakiaDecandence Vs Drifters RakRakia

As can be seen from the battles above, the Drifters repelled a large number of assaults before finally succumbing to the continued efforts of clan Decadence.
The amount of force expended in this dispute is similar to what you would see in a full blown Obelisk assault, even though it is not one. This shows the deep enmity that can arise between clans when greed, bloodlust and boredom converge.

The Ice Queen will be smiling tonight, as she sees the races of Shingard doing her dirty work for her. These disputes only weaken the defenders of our land and strengthen her position, yet it is with complete certainty that the Chronicle states that this is not the last blood to be shed. War is coming. (Where have I heard that before?)

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