The Ice Queen Loses Ground

he Ice Queen controlled the greatest fortifications known in the lands of Shingard. Note the past tense on "controlled", for it is so no longer! The heroes of the land have taken action against the Queen and her undead minions.

Clans rallied rapidly and mobilized their forces, moving on the Obelisks which were controlled by the Ice Queen and her forces. One after another they fell to the might of the combined forces of Man, Orc, Dragon and Elf: one by one, her minions were crushed and scattered.

The first to take an Obelisk were the forces of clan Malice, lead by Man0War, a stout warrior and advisor within the clan. He personally led the attack on Obelisk #15 in the South-Eastern part of Shingard. Although the Ice Queen fought fiercely, ultimately, she was defeated.

Following this battle in which the forces of good were victorious, a number of other clans began to mobilize, next was Decadence and then the Drifters, both who shattered the Ice Queen and her forces.

Within the day, it was clear that the forces of good would be victorious and a major victory was in store, as every Obelisk was controlled by one of the newly risen clans.

Unfortunately, with the Ice Queen gone, old rivals once again began to compete for dominance. It would only be a matter of time before those who didn't act quickly enough to obtain their own Obelisk would grow to covet one and try to take it by force and bloodshed.
The fighting was fiercest in the Northern Lands, where many clans owned a single Obelisk standing on their own. At first, these skirmishes were small, with heroes striking out on their own, but rapidly forces become much more mobilized and armies began to form, armies intent on expanding their influence and their lands.

A battle for Obelisk #3 began. The Alliance of Clans, also known as the AoC, was the first to take this bastion of power from the Ice Queen and her forces, but this victory was short lived. The forces of Colonia Romania mobilized and crushed the defenders before they could properly organize.

Yet the battle for this stronghold didn't stop there. Malice, an enemy of the Colonia Romania due to being directly threatened by them, struck out with its armies and in a series of attacks took down the CR and its forces stationed in Obelisk #3. The Chronicle shares some of the images from this bloody battle:

Meadran Hit Colanna Romania

Malice Collania Romania Softening

Malice Collania Romania Hammer Hit

The images above show two of the many preliminary assaults that Malice sent towards the forces of CR to soften them up, and the final image shows the last battle in which the forces of CR were defeated.

Yet still this would not be the end of the story for the newly risen Obelisk. Abandoning the stronghold, Malice moved its forces back to their homelands. Seizing the opportunity, clan Decadence moved its forces in to occupy the abandoned fortress.

To this day, the Obelisk remains in the hands of the honorable warriors of clan Decadence. Yet many more battles are on the horizon and with the Ice Queen temporary sent into retreat, it is only a matter of time before more clans and more brothers turn on one another.

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