A Proliferation of New Clans Across Shingard

Heroes of Shingard!

We welcome you back to the second edition of the Nords Chronicle and the second enlightenment of the people of the lands. We are proud to be back once again and sharing the knowledge that the denizens' from across the lands are craving, whether they be Orcs, Elves, Humans or those of the ancient race and the masters of the skies, dragons.

Last week we talked about how King Bjorn issued a call to arms against the rise of the Ice Queen and her undead forces. Her forces continue to spread across the lands, but thanks to a handful of brave heroes who first took action, they have been significantly slowed.

The result of this has been an emboldening of fellow citizens, day after day, there is more taking part and doing what they can to assist in the resistance against the Ice Queen. A proliferation of the clans has risen across the lands, with now over seventy seven clans coming together to battle her evil forces.

As stated, this has resulted in a significant slowdown of the Ice Queen and her forces, yet it has not come without issues of its own. 

Relationships between clans is tenuous at best. Already the Storm Riders have been crippled through the continues assaults they have received by rivaling clans, although not fully defeated, they have suffered serious losses.

Another clan that came out strong was the French Renaissance, quickly forming two partner clans they began to spread across the lands, their influence growing daily. Yet they ran into one major problem.

The forces of the French Renaissance and clan Malice clashed in a series of battles in which both sides suffered significant losses, but the victor could only go to one side. Clan Malice came out victorious forcing the Renaissance to ask for a Non Aggression Pact after a number of their heroes suffered major losses.

The Nords Chronicle was able to obtain the last battle before the NAP was signed by both sides:

Malice Wipes Rahn FR

What came next surprised many citizens across Shingard, as a breakdown in leadership occurred within the FR leagues. Fingers began to be pointed and faith was lost in their chief, Hannibal.

As quickly as they rose, they began to splinter. Many of the top heroes from FR left the clan and formed a new clan of their own. The name is already making waves across the realm and is familiar to many, Decadence.

Decadence chose to keep it's Non Aggression Pact with Malice, their previous enemies. Unfortunately for FR they lost many strong heroes in this division, but that was not all, Malice learning of this news dropped their peace with FR and resumed their attacks.

Sensing this unease across the lands, the Ice Queen took her opportunity, occupying the Oblesik across the lands and gained a significant foothold over the dezinens of the lands.

Will the heroes of Shingard be able to cast her from these ancient fortresses? Or will the bloodlust that has taken hold cloud their judgement.

That's a story for next week, until then, keep warm citizens and sharpen those axes.

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