The Dawn of a New Age

The Nordic Kingdom of Shingard, a noble land, a proud land, a land that has had its share of grief and conflict in the past, but more importantly, it has been a place of relative peace. No longer citizens. The Ice Queen has returned at long last and already her power is growing.

With her comes an army of past fathers, brothers, mothers and heroes well known across the lands. Her army is that of the risen dead, a thing of nightmares and with them comes an eternal winter that has enveloped the lands.

This has caused a widespread panic, which has forced the races of Shingard into a collation of peace that they never once thought of before. Orcs, Elves, Men and Dragons have banded the combined might of their forces in various strongholds across the land and are even now preparing to resist the might of the Ice Queen and her vile forces.

This is where we, the Nords Chronicle comes into play. Standing on the front lines we are doing our part not with steel in hand, but quill and parchment. The Chronicle will be here reporting on the chaos, destruction and more importantly, the good times that fall upon these noble lands.

Sanctioned by King Bjorn himself, we will do what we can do to enlighten those across the lands, whether this causes you pain, fear or joy is not our mission, what is, is truth.

With this we delve into the newly formed strongholds that have sprung up across the lands. Great lords have gathered their neighboring forces of Orcs, Elves, Men and Dragons into their strongholds, some have even joined forces with fellow strongholds and formed a number of Clans.

The first clan to appear was "Malice" an elite group of fighters known for their combat experience and prowess. 


Next to appear on the scene and rise up in opposition of the Ice Queen was the Storm Riders from the Northern lands, lead by one known as simply as "Gabstar".

StormRider Clan

For a period of time, these two clans were all that stood in the way of the Ice Queen and total destruction, and although they held the Queen and her evil forces at bay, it was inevitable given the realms history that disputes would soon arise between the two.

Small skirmishes first broke out, then all out war. Both sides called on their warriors, whether it be Man, Dragon, Orc or Elf to take up arms and protect their strongholds from the opposition.

It was clear after the first week that both sides possessed powerful warriors, yet the day went to Malice when they stopped a major attack by Gabstar in the field of battle, slaying her offensive forces. The Chronicle was able to obtain the following image of that battle:


Although wounded, the Storm Riders fight on. It was clear that Malice won this victory, but remember citizens, the Ice Queens forces continue to grow stronger with every skirmish and weakening of our forces in battles such as the one seen above.

Will new clans rise up to take arms against the Ice Queen, will new heroes be made? The Chronicle believes so, and when they do, we will be there.

Until next week, keep warm and be safe!


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