The Obelisk Wars Touches All

The Obelisk Wars!  Fire continues to fill the skies and the sound of steel can be heard ringing throughout the air. 

Both sides are now deeply entrenched in the battle of their lives. Leagues have been crippled, loved ones lost and yet, still they fight on. For this will not end until one side is utterly and completely defeated.

Malice and Solstice as we left off last time have continued on with their assaults. Over the last week, their targets have been Vanguard, the betrayers and the ones who turned on their brothers and sisters in Malice. Armies were assembled and sent forth, the target was Obelisk 5, held stoutly by Vanguard since its rise and a stronghold that has held off countless enemies, until now.

Attacks from Malice and Solstice landed in the late hours, soldiers, dragons and an assortment of all of Shingards life forms descended upon the ranks of the unsuspecting defenders.  

A fever pitched battle commenced, but ultimately the forces of the defenders could hold on no longer, the gates collapsed and their enemies rode in, slaying all in their paths. The intention was never to take and hold. The newly taken fortification was quickly abandoned, leaving only broken corpses and shattered dreams.  

The Skull Crusher, sensing an opportunity sent out a small force and quickly seized control of the undefended Obelisk.

Malice Takes OB 5 Vanguard

This was not the only eruption on the map. Battles raged here, there and everywhere. Reports continued to flood into the Chronicle, showing that great battles had also commenced in the heart of Malice controlled lands.

Obelisk #29, held by Malice was under assault. A great tidal wave of attackers from Vanguard, United and from the now new rogue Pipo were pounding on the very gates. The defenders stopped a staggering amount of attacks.

Beast Vanguard Fails OB

Attacks such as the one seen above were common place. As reported, wave after wave of these were stopped by the combined forces of clan malice, but eventually even they broke under the final assualt.

Bag Of Hurt Besieged

Bag of Hurt, from United landed the final attack on Malices Obelisk #29, which saw the walls overtaken and the Malice flag thrown down.

The remaining defenders quickly fled and took up residence in one of their other strongholds nearby, living to fight another day and expecting that fight to come very, very soon.

There is little sleep to be had at this time of war. Markets are drained of resources and farmers have been displaced, sacrifices are being made by all as everything is being dedicated to the production of new armaments of war.

The Chronicle as well is being displaced and it is with a heavy heart that we must report that we are being asked to relocate for the time being. The land continues to be in turmoil and the great war rages on.

One day we hope to return to a more peaceful land and a time when the news will be rich, bountiful and filled with joy. Sadly, that time is not now. Be safe citizens and as always, stay warm.

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