A Truce is Formed

Welcome back once again citizens of Shingard! The Chronicle returns, this time not with news of strife or destruction, but with a joyous announcement. For a brief period in our time, we have found peace.

Since the birth of the great clans, that have arisen across the lands to battle the Ice Queen and her evil minions, there has been disputes and wars between clans that have bickered and warred over landmass.

The strife escalated even more with the rise of the Obelisks. Clans battled and went to war with one another, attempting to secure these bastions of power for themselves and thus, increase their influence and power.

Yet, for a short time, a peace treaty has been formed. The clans, Drifters, Decandence and Malice have entered into an agreement. This agreement secures the land mass that they have strived so hard to obtain and ensures that they will not attack each others Obelisk.

As previously reported, Clan Decadence and Malice have been working together, so this was no shock to the realm, but what did surprise many was the agreement between Drifters and the other two parties.
Last week, we showed how the largest battle this realm has yet to see unfolded between the mighty Scorpdog and Rakarakia, members of Malice and Drifters.

Wishing to avoid such bloodshed and to secure their borders, the three clans entered into talks brokered by Malice and an agreement was reached.

 Nords Map

As can be seen from the image above, the ones to gain the most from this are the clans mentioned above. They hold most of the lands in Shingard and almost all of the seats of power.
In the North we have Drifters and Decadence, who split the land between them. In the South are the clans Malice I and Malice II, who have dominated the southern landscape.

Will this time of peace last, or will the clans once again begin to bicker and dispute amongst each other, leading to more bloodshed and unnecessary loss of life? 
Time will tell, but know this, in the shadows are many clans thirsting for power and place on the map, contenders will rise, the question now is who will they be and when will they strike?

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