Titans Collide

Citizens of Shingard, if you saw the sky light up and felt the ground shake, fear not: this was not the end of times, this was not the Ice Queen advancing with her undead minions...no, this was simply a battle between two of the realm’s greatest titans.

Reports flooded in from those who witnessed this grand battle. Dragons filled the air, Orcs bellowed as they charged into battle and Elves worked their magic, slaying all that strayed into their paths.
The battle that I speak of was between two of greatest armies that currently reside in the lands of Shingard. One side commanded by the mighty Scorpdog, the Chieftain of clan Malice and the other by the noble Rakrakia, an Advisor in clan Drifters.

For weeks, these two sides have been skirmishing, despite moderate co-operation in joint attacks on mutual foes’ Obelisks.
Many across the lands speculated that it was only a matter of time before these heroes met on the field of battle and tested their strength against one another.
This speculation proved correct, much to the woe of those being led under their standards. 

Tolerating the attacks on his clan mates no longer, Scorpdog issued the rallying call to his forces and told them to prepare for battle, the target, the stronghold of Rakrakia.
This was no simple order of attack, for Rakrakia is known across the lands for being a stout defender and possessing one of the most secure strongholds that has the honor of calling Shingard home.

 Rak D

As can be seen from the image above, Rakrakia's stronghold is no typical hovel. This is a fortress possessing the strongest of fortifications of the maximum level, including a full compliment of Hexbeards.
Regardless, the offensive forces of Scorpdog are known as one of the largest military units in the land and some of the most seasoned warriors are in its ranks.

What came next, was undoubtedly one of the, if not the largest battle between two foes seen in the history of Shingard, a battle which could be seen across the lands, a battle which the Chronicle was able to personally witness and obtain reports of.

Battle Titans Rhak Scorp

As can be seen from the battle report shown above, the carnage was staggering. Thousands of dragons, thousands of Elves and countless others were lost in battle. The cost to both sides is unknown, but the emerald volume had to be immense.

Once the dust settled, the dispute was over. Scorpdog and his force of attackers successfully invaded the once impenetrable stronghold of Rakrakia, but not without a significant cost, and many of the attackers meeting their doom.

The one ray of light that can be taken from this horrific battle is that it is being reported that both sides are now in talks of a cease fire. Whether or not this is true has yet to be confirmed by the Nords Chronicle, but as soon as we hear word we will be sure to inform you right away.

Until that time, be safe citizens of Shingard and stay warm.

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