Bloodsworn Challenges Malice

Battles rage across the lands of Shingard. Man vs man, orcs vs orcs, dogs vs cats, you get the idea. Name a time and a place, and odds are good that former comrades there have turned on one another in a gruesome and bloody manner.
The disputes that started out as a war of words have changed direction and turned into a war of actual killing. After the Ice Queen was expelled from the Obelisks, various clans mobilized their united armies of man, orc, elf and dragons in a defensive effort to hold their newly taken positions.
As the Chronicle has reported, tensions have flared and points of conflict have emerged. Notable figures and leaders of various clans have stepped to the forefront and made their voices known, calling out other clan leaders and bravely stepping their underlings into the line of fire.
The most vocal of these voices has been Romulus, the chief of the Bloodsworn and a well-known voice in the global community. Not shy to share his opinion, he focused his anger on the most powerful clan currently in the realm, clan Malice.
Many wondered why he was taking such a stand and were confused at the accusations he was making against Malice. In his mind, they had scorned him deeply and retribution was in order.
The heroes of Malice responded in kind to these words of hatred and armies were drawn up on both sides of the battlefield, forces clashed, dragons soared and strongholds were pillaged.
Holding lands in the North, the Bloodsworn knew that is was only a matter of time before the power of Malice advanced on their newly taken seat of power, Obelisk #10.
This assumption proved correct. Malice formed an attack plan and gathered a number of its armies together, battle orders were issued and a number of preliminary strikes were sent to weaken the Bloodsworn defenders.
The defenders held their ground for a short period of time, suffering wave after wave of attacks from both Malice I and Malice II combined. Unfortunately for the defenders, there was nothing they could do to stop the final attack, their forces were simply overwhelmed and the walls were breached.

Malice BloodSworn OB 10 Taking

As seen from the above image obtained by the Chronicle, the losses were staggering. Barely any of the defenders escaped with their lives intact, suffering a near 99% loss of total troops. In one fell swoop Bloodsworn was cast out of their seat of power.

Malice Take OB 10 Bloodsworn

Malice II decided that they would like to take ownership of this newly cleared fortification. They issued a call to the members of their clan and defenders were quickly dispatched to secure the battered gates and man the crumbling walls.
After suffering this defeat, Romulus took to the public forums and lashed out. Calling on his soldiers, he issued an attack order to retake their stronghold.

Malice II Takes OB 10

The battles were close, but the brave defenders of Malice II were able to win the day, repelling attack after attack from Bloodsworn. The losses were great on both sides, but morale was rapidly dissolving amongst the ranks of the Bloodsworn.

As the attacks slowed, additional defenders were issued from Malice II and the attacking forces were spent. The day was won for Malice and the forces of Bloodsworn were cast from their lands in a violent manner.

Despite this defeat, calls for battle have been continued from Romulus. He plans on continuing the fight against Malice, no matter the cost.

Power struggles are erupting all across the lands as clans vie for the top position and the prestige that comes along with it. 

The Ice Queen continues to regather her forces as the stewards of Shingard turn on one another and risk giving up all the ground they have gained in recent months. 

Sadly, for as long as there is a tiny scrap of Shingard that is tolerable to live on, Nords will fight to the death over it.

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