Happy New Year! Welcome to Plarium’s first newsletter for 2016!

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Welcome to Plarium’s first newsletter for 2016! This time, we have a few new articles for you - some informative, some epic, and some straight up weird. Read on to learn what’s new!

The Birth of the Sparta Chronicle

The Sparta: War of Empires Chronicle is born! Here you will learn everything that’s new and exciting in the land of Hellas. Don’t remain oblivious to the epic battles happening all around you. 

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Unit Count Tracking Strategy

Top player Jon Stearns is back once again to teach us how to get a big payout when conquering Persian Positions in Sparta: War of Empires. Three words - Unit Number Tracking. 

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The Real Difference Between MMOs and MMORPGs

Ever wondered what’s the real difference between an MMO and an MMORPG? Is there really a difference, or is it all a bunch of gibberish in capital letters? Now you finally have the answer.

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9 Reasons MMO Games Could Get You Fired

There are many, many reasons that being an MMO player could get you fired. We collected just a few of them - some obvious, some a little bit weird, all definitely NSFW. 

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German Elite Soldiers (GES) Gathering

German Elite Soldiers, one of Total Domination’s veteran clans, has arranged its first ever clan meeting. How did this endeavour work out? According to member Enrico Schmidt - pretty darn great.  

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