MMO games quiz – September 2016

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Questions about “Sparta: War of Empires”:


1. What is the name of the Building where new Positions appear every day?

a) Oracle
b) Position Storage
c) Positions Bay

2. Up to what level can Hall of Xenia be upgraded?

a) Level 20
b) Level 25
c) This Building cannot be upgraded. 

3. Which achievement do you gain for upgrading Pantheons?

a) Chosen of Zeus
b) The Wolves of Ares
c) The Palms of Atlas 

4. Champion Units

a) can be bought with resources. 
b) can be of two types: Offensive and Defensive. 
c)  are part of the reward at Positions. 

5. The Sons of Cronus achievement can be earned for 

a) training Units. 
b) having new Archons join your Coalition. 
c) eliminating Units. 

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