September 2015 MMO Test

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Choose the correct answers below:

1. What is the maximum number of Landing Zones you can build?

A. 43
B. 4
C. 6
D. 2

2. Which of the following contracts unlocks the Ten-Alpha Hailstorm?

A. Mobile Artillery
B. System Specification
C. Vulture Specs
D. Heavy Armor

3. Officially titled "Spetsial'nyy Takticheskiy Otryad Prikrytiya", this elite paramilitary unit within the Ares Corporation's 2nd Directorate has become known as:

A. "Terminator"
B. "Blizzard"
C. Commando
D. "Cheetah"

4. What is the maximum size of your Base?

A. 80x80
B. 120x120
C. 92x92
D. 100x100

5. Which of the following is the largest Private Military Contractor in Zandia?

A. Calabera Inc.
B. Grey Sky
C. Excellia battlefield systems
D. Syndicate

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