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Choose the correct answer below:

1. Which game mentions the “Halls of Everdeep” in the Unit descriptions? For which unit?

a) Stormfall: Age of War and the Silent Ones.

b) Total Domination and the Wastelands Warriors.

c) Sparta: Age of Empires and Archons.

2. Which Legendary Unit in “Stormfall: Age of War” improves the performance of Occult Units?

a) Hero

b) Niathi

c) The Fallen

Bonus 2A. For the previous question, what other Units does the correct answer support?

a) Archers, Reiters and Barbarians;

b) Pikemen, Paladins, Seekers and Pathfinders; or

c) Warlocks, Necromancers and Renegades.

3.  In what century is Sparta: War of Empires story set?

a) The 20th Century;

b) 345 AD; or

c) The 5th Century BC.

4. How long is the video for “Sparta: War of Empires” on the website?

a) 12 minutes and 3 seconds;

b) 7 minutes and 49 seconds; or

c) 1 minute and 2 seconds.

5. What is the newest Unit class in Total Domination?

a) Legendary;

b) Tactical; or

c) Fleet Battle Group.

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