MMO quiz August 2016

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MMO quiz August 2016 - Questions about “Soldiers Inc.”


1. What is a less profitable Thulium production cycle?

a) 2-minute cycle
b) 10-minute cycle
c) 1-hour cycle

2. Upon completion of the Daily Quests, you can receive

a) only Resources.
b) Resources, Experience Points, and Thulium.
c) Resources, Experience Points, and sometimes Diamonds.  

3. What will happen if you click 100 times on the crater in the right hand corner of your Base? 

a) It will become bigger.
b) Nothing will happen.
c) You will receive 10 Sapphires.

4. 10 days after they were placed in the Sick Bay, your Units

a) are patiently waiting to be revived.
b) are revived automatically at half the cost. 
c) vanish.

5. The Improvised LZ is known to enhance

a) the production of Fuel and Munitions.
b) the production of Rations, Fuel, and Munitions.
c) your Base defense. 

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