August 2015 MMO Quiz

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Choose the correct answers below:

1) Which of these units is fastest?

a. Pikeman
b. Succubus
c. Hero

2) How do you improve the capacity of your Caravans?

a. Levelling up your Market
b. Levelling up your Trader’s Inn
c. Levelling up your Thieves' Guild 

3) What are the maximum levels of the Altar of Weor and the Spring of Life, respectively?

a. 6 and 6
b. 5 and 6
c. 6 and 5

4) Which of the following Lost Arts allows you to train Bear Riders?

a. Darin's Notes
b. Arto's Bridle
c. Bran's Legacy

5) What is the maximum carrying capacity of all your Caravans?

a. 30 000
b. 32 000
c. 36 000

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