Must Watch TV-Shows for MMO Players

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We know that every spare minute you have usually goes into raiding, looting or clearing another dungeon, but even the most hardcore gamer likes to relax in front of a good show or a movie from time to time.

You’ve probably watched all the Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theories and Mad Maxes out there, so we thought we’d introduce you to some less known shows and movies any MMO gamer will enjoy, or at least find interesting. Here are 7 TV shows and movies perfect for MMO players.


While Defiance has a cool Sci-Fi premise, where various alien races have integrated into human society on Earth, that is not why I recommend it. You see, Defiance was broadcast alongside an MMO third-person shooter bearing the same name. It's basically a TV show created to be an MMO right from the start. How cool is that?

Attack on Titan

If you ever joined a group of friends to take down an impossibly-big, impossibly-hard enemy, you'll immediately sympathize with Attack on Titan's band of heroes. You'll cheer when they take down another man-eating titan, and feel their pain when they are forced to retreat. It's a really intense show, perfect from all your MMORPG-ers out there.

Battle Royale

You've heard of the Hunger Games, right? Well, it’s time you meet its older, much more hardcore brother. As many other Japanese movies, Battle Royale doesn't shy away from violence. It is perhaps the best depiction of PvP in a movie, complete with alliances and brutal betrayals. It may also remind you of every time you had to divide the loot after a successful raid.

House of Cards

What does a show about a ruthless politician has to do with MMOs? Well, a lot actually. Have you ever tried being in charge of a guild? It's at least as complicated as leading the entire free world! Watching this show might give you a few ideas on how to deal with the more... unruly members.


As its title suggests, Vikings is a show about the greatest warrior people to ever walk the Earth. We spend so much time playing as Jarls and Berserkers in MMOs, but we don't know all that much about them. Now there's a chance to learn more about their way of life with a truly epic TV show you shouldn't miss.


Although it's in black and white, and can get a little depressing, at its heart Stalker is a movie about adventure and treasure. This classic Russian movie is about risking it all and facing unimaginable dangers to fulfill your heart's deepest desires. And to find valuable loot along the way, naturally. Sounds like the perfect raid to me.


Friends! You know, those people you used to talk to outside the MMO world. Do you remember what it was like before MMOs, when we still communicated with each other face to face and not through a screen? No? Well, me neither, but the popular 90’s show will definitely help you with that.

There are still a lot more TV shows and movies suited for Sci-Fi, Fantasy and MMO fans, but this list will definitely get you going in the right direction. When you need a break from binge watching everything on the list, go over to our Browser Games section to play Plarium’s top strategy games like Sparta: War of Empires and Stormfall: Age of War.