13 reasons why you should be talking about MMO's

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MMO games are a rising tide: Will you get left behind?

Listen carefully… Do you hear it? Listen a little bit harder – that’s it, now you're getting it. The sound you're hearing is the pure adrenaline-loaded buzz of MMO games. It's like a livewire of electrical current hissing, snapping and sparking all around you. There's no getting away from it – it fills every room where it lives and it's about to drop anchor at a screen near you.
In case you didn't notice, I'm a big fan of MMO action. So much so in fact, that I'm about to let you into the world that I live in, where fantasy comes to life every single day. Some players want one or two reasons why they should be talking about MMO games – I'm about to give you 13 fantastic reasons why these games rock!


You can be the Master of Your Own Domain – anytime the mood takes you. That's right player! You don't need to go and attend 15 years of karate to graduate with the ability to totally destroy your enemies. You don't need to be a Marine, an Army Ranger or a Special Ops soldier. Just level up, get mad skills and kick some serious ass. That's Tip #13 – Lucky 13 for you.


Guess what? Everyone in your Guild, your Group, your Alliance your Party, or Team is always thrilled beyond belief to see you come online. Now, I don't know about you guys – but reality is way different. Very rarely do you get the same reaction from family members, girlfriends, boyfriends or colleagues at work when you show up. There is absolutely no doubt that Your Presence is Totally Appreciated in MMO Games.


You are Always Achieving in MMO Games, and these achievements take place regularly. That is definitely one of the best attributes of these games. If your tongue isn’t wagging now thinking about these three points, stick around ‘cause I'm about to tell you another 10 reasons why you have to keep talking about MMO games.


Raiding your Fridge is Possible Anytime You Want. You don’t have to go out and splash your cash on a Happy Meal from Mickey D’s. Just graze anything you want at any time you want. You see with MMO games, there is nothing standing in your way of eating whatever you want, whenever you want, however you want, or in whatever you want.


You don't have to Get Dressed up to meet fellow MMO players – just be careful what you are wearing when the video camera is on. As a serious MMO contender I can tell you that the best clothing is never jeans, button up dress shirts and laced up shoes… Scrap all of that. What you really want to be wearing is sweatpants, T-shirts or less. The action gets cranked up pretty high, in no time at all. It’s always maximum comfort for maximum playability.


Almost every other activity that you participate in requires you to prepare and clean up afterwards. Things like family BBQs, going out on a date, visiting a museum (yawn!), going to see a kick-ass movie or whatever. But when you play MMO games, your preparation is limited to turning your PC on, or taking it out of sleep mode. That's it! Don't worry about cleaning up after you've destroyed an entire landscape – that's what virtual gaming is all about.


All your friendly, furry or fiery companions that you pick up along the way in MMO games do not require all the TLC that their real-life equivalents do. This is a big deal. You get to enjoy the very best MMO action-packed games with minimal real-life considerations. It's like all the fun and none of the responsibility – a big win for you!


How about this tongue twister for #6: You are going to meet some of the best friends you never knew that you would have had you not decided to become an MMO contender. MMO games may allow you to actually network with people in your area, in your country, or even in different parts of the world. This is all about social gaming – so have a blast!


If you have time to kill, MMO games are like the Terminator of time. In other words, you will never be wanting for entertainment ever again when you are playing MMO games. Since you are essentially creating a lot of what happens around you, the game is just as much about you as it is about the other characters. It's a collective effort. Enjoy your time spent playing MMO games – everyone else does too!


It’s much easier to change your world when you're playing MMO games than it is to change real-life. Think about this for a second: You go to work every day, or you collect an unemployment check, come home and eat, sleep, bathe (hopefully on a regular basis) and start all of that all over again tomorrow. Boring? Absolutely! In MMO games you can change your reality every single time you login. Boredom simply doesn't exist.


MMO game developers like Plarium are always burning the candle at both ends trying to come up with the most interactive, immersive and exciting games for you to play. It's almost as if they're working for you – how cool is that? There is a genre for every type of player, and the developers keep a close watch on what players are doing at all times.


Since you're reading this, you know that you love technology. With MMO games, you get to use the most up-to-date audio-visual software, hardware and accoutrements out there. You can literally invest as much, or as little as you like and enjoy hard-core entertainment anytime the mood takes you. Am I saying that MMO games are for tech junkies? Absolutely!


Admit it - you were waiting for this one! I don't blame you… after working your way down from #13 to #1 you have earned your right to add what you think is the #1 reason that you should be talking about MMO games. Let us know what you think because you are #1. 

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