If Superheroes Played MMORPGs

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Superheroes are all the rage these days. They used to be confined to comic books, with the few really famous characters getting a movie every several years, but now it feels like there’s a new superhero movie coming out every day. There are more and more TV shows starring them with every new season, and plenty of video games have embraced them as main characters.

With all this media attention, I bet these heroic figures must yearn to take a break from their busy lives from time to time and be someone else. Since we know there’s no better place to do so than in an MMORPG, I started thinking about what kind of characters various superheroes would play as if they decided to join us in our virtual worlds.


You might think the famous Man of Steel would don the armor of a paladin and set out to cleanse the MMO world of evil. However, you forget that everyone needs to vent and release some pent-up tension and anger now and then. Superman would play as an evil dark knight, roaming the land and attacking other players at random while laughing maniacally at his computer screen.


While I see Batman as more of an online strategy kind of guy, if he were to play an MMORPG, he would do so methodically and with lethal efficiency. He would analyze all the different classes to find the best one, develop an algorithm to establish the fastest way to level up, and somehow find a way to complete every quest without killing any monster. He IS Batman, after all...


Spider-man doesn’t take saving the world seriously, so why would he taking playing a game seriously? He would probably select the weirdest character he could find, and just goof around in the virtual world. If you ever see a halfling warrior running around waving a huge axe and yelling “Death to all goblins!” - you’ll know you’ve crossed paths with Spidey himself.


I’m not so sure the Hulk is the MMORPG-playing type, or that he can even use a PC without busting the keyboard with a single finger. However, I’m certain Bruce Banner is the type. Naturally, he will pick the biggest, most powerful warrior class he can find, just to feel what it’s like to actually be able to control all that power for once!

Jessica Jones

At first, Jessica will play the game casually, just to pass a sleepless night or two. But soon her addictive personality will make her play more and more often, causing her to neglect her superhero duties (not that she needed an excuse, really). Luckily for us, she will probably throw her PC or mobile device against the wall the first time she fails a raid.


Also known the “One-Punch Man”, Saitama will find out that his amazing powers do not transfer into his character. Could he finally have found the challenge he is looking for? Having to click on a monster twice or more should be a refreshing change of pace for Saitama, though I’m pretty sure he’d quickly develop a character build that can kill every monster with just one swing.


Deadpool doesn’t need to play MMOs to get a break from reality. His entire life is a break from reality...