Are MMO Games Suitable for Children?

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Just in case you're wondering whether MMO games are suitable for children, take a few minutes to read this article and familiarize yourself with a few facts and figures. Contrary to popular belief, MMO games are highly strategic in nature and are enjoyed by a large contingent of the adult population.  

There are scores of children-friendly MMO games that are suitable for young folks, and they are specially designated as such. However the vast majority of top-tier MMO games that you see out there are really designed for adults. The reason being: they require methodical planning, preparation, logistics, interaction, team building, diplomacy and cunning. 

Depending on what types of games you are discussing, not all MMO games are suitable for kids. But there are scores of them that are and a quick search reveals precisely which MMO games children can play. For example, Animal Jam, Farmerama, Star Stable, Shadow Kings: Dark Ages, Lady Popular, Hero Zero, Let’s Fish, Oh My Dollz and plenty of others are readily available. Like the adult MMO games, these are free to play and run directly off your browser. So from this perspective, it's perfectly okay to let your kids play MMO games. Of course like anything, you have to watch for things like time spent gaming.

Unlike most adults, kids need to be monitored and provided with a schedule for the gaming related activity. Kids should only play MMO games when they have done their chores, completed their homework, and are not required to do other activities required by their parents. This is a personal decision that will vary from one family to the next. Remember that MMO games are interactive and all sorts of people from all over the world are connected at the same time. It is important for kids to know the dangers inherent in online gaming, and this pastime is perhaps best left for mature players.

How Do You Know Which MMO Games Children Can Play?

The world's top gaming companies including the indie gaming companies provide information for their players about which games are suitable for children. Typically, there will be ratings on every game that is available, advising parents if it is suitable for children, and if so what age of children it is suitable for. If we take a game like Sparta: War of Empires, an MMO RTS game developed and published by Plarium, it is evident that the game is not suitable for children as it is highly intense and strategic. Of course, parents can use their discretion in determining whether kids can play MMO games, and if so whether parental supervision is necessary or not.