5 Way to Reignite Your Love of MMOs

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Every MMO is a huge, vast experience that requires at least some degree of commitment from the player. It can be exhausting at times, especially after playing one MMORPG or MMORTS for a really long time. Sometimes, you just don’t feel all that into it anymore. You still play, but it has become more of a chore or a routine than the engaging, exciting experience it was before.

Does that mean you’re over MMOs? That this hobby that was such a big part of your life no longer means anything to you? Of course not, you just need to reignite that fire that got you into multiplayer games in the first place.

Here are 5 things you can try. I guarantee at least one of them will work, and you’ll soon rediscover your passion for everything massively multiplayer, be it online strategy games or role-playing games.

Go Back and Play an MMO You Really Like

Simple right? At one point in your gaming history, there was this game, this perfect MMO that really got you hooked. It makes sense to go back to the source of your passion in order to reignite it. Don’t just dust off your character to city - start from the beginning. Leveling up your hero or building your castle from scratch can remind you what you loved so much about the story, world and gameplay.

If your MMO of choice no longer exists - don’t worry, there are other ways for you to regain your love for the genre.

Try Something New

Just start playing a MMO you know next to nothing about. Head to your nearest video game store and just pick one that just looks nice. Better yet - go online and try a free-to-play title. Just get out of your comfort zone and rediscover that sense of awe and wonder a new game can bring.

Used to playing MMORPGs? Try an online strategy game instead. Tired of high fantasy settings? Play a historical MMORTS where you fight for your home against an invading force. There are literally thousands of different MMOs out there - you are bound to find something that will make you appreciate the genre again.

Disengage from the Community for a While

This step might be a bit controversial. MMOs are, after all, about community and other players - it’s an essential part of the experience, but hear me out. It’s that very community that can sometimes make you lose your interest in MMOs. What everybody usually talks about are all the bad stuff - all the bugs, cheaters, nerfs, exploits and general toxicity. It paints a rather gloomy picture of the situation with MMOs, and can make it easy to lose sight of all the good things.

Take a break from the forums, user blogs and comment sections, and just play. It will remind you of all the awesome parts you love so much about online games. You can still engage with players inside the game, which leads us to our next point.

Play with a Good Friend

Find a good friend, even your best friend, and play with them. You can form a raiding party, or even an alliance, and keep play together. Having someone to share the victories and defeats with, joke about something silly in-game, or just talk to while you play, can help you reclaim your place in the MMO world. It will add an extra layer of fun to every game, and you will find yourself eagerly waiting for jump back into the game, even if it's just to hang out with a friend.

You can even go one step further and invite a bunch of friends to form your own League. That way you’ll always have a reason to go back and play some more, be it to help a friend out, coordinate an elaborate attack against your bitter enemies, or just chat. Plus, you’ll always have something to talk about when you run into each other on the street. It can even bring friends or family members closer together!

Get Together with People Who Love MMOs

Sometimes, the thing you need to help you get out of a funk and back into MMOs can actually be found outside of the game. Go to a convention, a gathering or any other place you’ll be surrounded by people who just love MMOs. Hear them talk about it, join in on the conversations, and you’ll quickly be remained of why you got into play massively multiplayer online games in the first place.

Your love for MMOs is still there; it never went, it just began to fade over time. It happens. Hopefully one of these ways will help you reignite that love. See you online!