Do You Need Luck In Strategy Games?

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In honor of Saint Patrick’s Day and everything Irish, we decided to tackle the age-old debate that still plagues fans of strategy games: how important is luck in online strategy games? Do you even need luck when playing, or is it all down to a good strategy?

Purists of the genre will say that a good strategist never relies on luck, and has a strategy for every situation imaginable. Well, we can imagine quite a lot of situations, and there are still countless others that will never even occur to us until we encounter them. Obviously, you cannot plan for every contingency, so a lot of times you’ll have to improvise, and improvisation is part experience, part quick-thinking, and part luck.

The enemy

Even if you build a strong army, equip it with the best weapons and gadgets at your disposal, and plan a fool-proof battle plan, your enemy won’t always act the way you anticipated. Luck plays a major role in every attack. If you’re lucky, your attack will go off without a hitch, but if you’re luckier, you'll hit your enemy as they are still recovering from repelling someone else’s attack, and you can raid their resources with little to no resistance.

Basically, luck won’t determine if your attack is successful or not, but it does affect whether your troops return to your Base on a stretcher, or on top heaps of gold.

The same goes for defending. No matter how much you fortify your Base, you can never anticipate where the next attack will come from. Your patrols can just miss the enemy troops approaching your Base from your least defended front. It could be attributed to some great reconnaissance job by your enemy’s scouts, but deep down you’ll know that it’s simply wasn’t your lucky day.


Here we encounter where luck has the most effect on even the best strategy games - Leagues. Choosing a winning League is extremely difficult, as members are constantly changing the League as they come and go. A good League always maintains a some sort of standard, but since we’re dealing with living, breathing people here, everything can change in an instant.

Doing your homework and applying for a League that’s right for you is important, but nothing can assure you it will remain the same for long. If you are a part of a League you love and can depend on, we suggest you count your lucky stars.

Finally, we wish a happy Saint Patrick's Day to all you Irish MMO gamers, and everyone else who marks the occasion. Just don’t celebrate too hard, as playing under the influence never results in anything good. Keep a clear head, plan your strategy down to the most minute detail and hope for just a little bit of that famous Irish luck.