Life Is A Strategy Game

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People have said that life is a highway, a journey, a dream or even a female dog. We gamers know the truth, though - life is a game, not just any game but a strategy game. As in every game, there are rules to follow (or break), resources to collect, and plenty of fun to be had. Here’s life through the eyes of a strategy gamer.


Despite what some people might tell you, you come into the world with no knowledge or past experience. You’re newbie, a n00b if you will, and like every new player - there’s a tutorial you must follow. After you learn the basics of eating, communicating and moving around, the fun can really begin. Childhood is a time to celebrate your inexperience - you’re constantly learning and testing the rules, you make allies and lose them just as quickly, and you never worry about being a good player; all you care about is having fun.

As far as resources go, you have plenty of energy and time, but not the experience and know-how to do anything worthwhile with them. However, as we already establish, you really don’t care about anything apart from having fun, and you don’t quite understand the value of the resources at your disposal.

Young Adult

When you’re a little more experienced and have a slightly better understanding this game you’re playing, it’s time to start exploring the different types of players and strategies available to you and decide which one suits you. You’ll never have as much time and energy as you do when you’re a teenager, so it is the perfect time to invest these resources into developing various skills and see what you’re naturally good at, and what you enjoy doing. Defense, resource management or diplomacy are just a few of the “career paths” a fledgling player can choose.

It is also a great time to go about and meet people. Around this time is where most players find their “League” - a group of close friends that will help them get better in the game of life, or at least will always have their back. It’s important to use your current resources to lay a good foundation for the battles to come. And they will come.


When you reach adulthood, both your priorities and the resources available to you change. You might have as much time as you had before, but you’ll find have more of two other very important resources - money and experience. It is basically a tradeoff; the more time and energy you invest now, or invested in your younger days, the more of both money and experience you’ll have. This could be a trying phase for any player, as the strategies they implemented in the past start to show their effectiveness. If you were wise in the way you played so far, you probably don’t have anything to worry about, and even if you weren’t - it’s still not too late to learn a new strategy that can make you a better, more successful player.

However, playing alone is not always fun, and your League of friends can only get you so far. It’s time to find another player that will be with you whenever you need them, and can help you win this game we call life. Player 2, so to speak. Just like in a game, the best place to meet new people is either in your League, or in Events. Dating within your League might be risky, since it can cause a fracture if things don’t work out. Events are far safer, but it can be hard to showcase your skills in a crowd of other players. Still, if you have the skills and the resources, you’ll eventually find a partner right for your play style.

Golden Years

As you get older, the way you play will start to change. You won’t raid as much as you did in the past, but you’ll have more resources at your disposal. All the choices and strategies you used throughout the entire game shape where you end up in your final years. If you’re unhappy with the way your metaphorical game has ended up, there’s little you can do about it now, and unlike a real game - you don’t get a do-over. This is why planning and strategizing are so important.

There are a lot of things that are out of your control, but if you think about your life as a really hard strategy game, you’ll see you always have different options and different strategies to master. Strategies that will eventually help you win the game. However, you can’t win if you don’t participate, so go out there and play!