9 Reasons MMO Games Could Get You Fired

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Being an MMO gamer with a job can be tough. It’s not always easy to keep your MMO lifestyle away from the office, and those weird non-gamers tend to take offense when you refer to them as noobs. Here are 9 more things you can do that will surely get you fired.

Playing at work

If you play games at work - you’re gonna get fired, no question about it. Unless, of course, your job is to play games, in which case - I have my CV somewhere around here, can I send it over?

Raiding your boss’ castle

Don’t. Just Don’t. It will come back to haunt you, I guarantee it. And if you’re boss raids your castle - don’t forget to compliment her on a raid-well-done that next day at work.

Doing a victory dance on your desk

What are you, twelve? Dancing on tables is reserved for kid with absent-minded parents and drunk people - not respectable members of the working force. I don’t care if you just successfully beat a boss after the gazillionth try and got… how much XP?! Well, maybe just a little dance…

Never showing up ‘cause you’re too busy questing

Every gamer has called in sick at one point just so he or she can stay at home with the latest MMORPG or MOBA. It’s understandable. However, unless you can fake The Plague, you can only miss a couple days of work, max. By hey, if you get fired at least you can stay home and play even more video games...

Applying microtransactions to the work you do

If you want a raise, just ask - don’t start charging your boss for every small thing you do.
demanding she pays you $0.99 to complete an important report immediately, or $2.99 for every task over the five-task daily limit, will most likely end with you begging on the streets for $12.99 just so can get something to eat.

Trying to convert your paycheck into in-game currency

What you do with your money is your own business, but don’t go demanding they pay you in gems, credits, tokens, or whatever. They probably won’t. They’ll escort you to the nearest looney bin. Or worse - they’ll agree. Because you can just pay the rent with legendary units, right?

Searching your boss’s office for loot

I know it’s tempting to go into your boss’ office and search the place for loot. It’s a well known fact that bosses have the best loot drops in any MMO. Unfortunately, in real life you’re bound to find only old reports, vacation photos and a few suspicious doodles. Oh, and a termination notice on your desk the next day.

Collecting resources

Collecting resources is a huge part of any Strategy MMO, but people at work won’t appreciate it if you start hoarding all the good coffee mugs and post-it notes. And seriously, do you even need all those paper clips? What about that stack of half-eaten doughnuts? Actually, you can probably keep those.

Trying to Grind your way to a promotion

I know they call it “the daily grind”, but you can’t take everything so literally. Doing the same insignificant task over and over again, hoping to gain enough experience to earn a promotion, might work in any MMORPG, but in real life it’s likely to get you fired. Or at least transferred to Accounting, which might be worse.