The Hunger Games guide to MMOs

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The Hunger Games books and movies have a lot to teach us about how to survive, fight and rise above the rest in the competitive world of Massively Multiplayer Online games. No matter what style of MMO you choose to play, there’s always something you can to learn from Katniss and her merry group of rebels. After all, taking part in the Hunger Games isn’t all that different from playing a really good MMO… Well, maybe apart from the immediate and mortal danger - though the prospect of losing a platoon of elite soldiers, or missing out on epic gear, can sometimes feel like a fate worse than death.

Before you sign up for archery school or start practicing your camouflage skills, here are a few practical lessons you can learn from The Hunger Games when playing an MMO:

Team up if you want to survive

If Katniss and Peeta taught us one thing it is that sticking together is the key to victory. It can sometime be hard to trust people in the competitive environment found in most Online Multiplayer games, but if you can find even a single person that won’t stab you in the back the minute the raid is over - just so he can have all the loot to himself - you’ll discover that by working together you can win even against impossible odds.

Don’t accept defeat

Whether you just lost half your resources and troops in an attack that went south, or died for the gazillionth time at the hands of a particularly nasty boss, bouncing back from a crushing defeat is hard. This is where Katniss can really inspire us – even when the odds were definitely not in her favor, she never gave up. She won the Games, became a symbol of hope, and eventually led the rebels all the way to the Capitol. So when everything seems lost, pick yourself up and think “What Would Katniss Do?”

Which leads us to our final lesson:

Bows are cool

I initially wanted to go with something like “No goal is too big” or “Aspire higher”, but this isn’t an afterschool special. Bows, or any long-range weaponry, are cool. They keep you away from the target while allowing you to dish out the damage. Unless, of course, you’re a tank; in that case you can use your opponent's bow as a toothpick once you’re done pummeling them to dust.

The Hunger Games fans should follow these three simple rules if they want to bring some of the series’ magic into their MMO experience.

So braid your hair, grab a buddy and a bow, and start your Massively Multiplayer adventure. May the odds be ever in your favor.