5 Ways To Play Online Games And Keep Healthy

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Online gaming is a dangerous habit, or so everyone keeps telling you. “You need to get out more”, “You need to exercise”, “You need to remember to eat” - these are probably just some of the things people will have told you throughout your childhood. Now, they just check up on you from time to time to see if you’re still alive.

Playing online games for a long period of time can indeed be a bit unhealthy. We tend not to move as much when we play, and we sometimes forget to break for lunch or gravitate towards snacks and fatty foods if we eat while we play. So we came up with 5 different ways you can try and stay healthy without giving up on your favorite MMO.

Make Your Own Health Potions

Do you know those disgustingly healthy kale and wheatgrass concoctions everybody’s always posting on Facebook? Yeah, that green stuff that looks like cow barf. Go online, find a recipe and make yourself a pitcher of that nasty thing. Now, every time your character takes damage and you’re forced to heal - take a swig of health juice. You’ll either develop superhuman skills at your game just to avoid drinking the stuff, or your digestive system will be working better than it has in years.

Hold Your Breath Whenever Your Character Is Underwater

Whenever you explore some underwater cave, or escape a flooding maze, just hold your breath for as long as your character is submerged. Let’s face it - you do it anyway. Around the 40 second mark you’ll start to feel your heart beating like you’ve just run a mile, so that’s your cardio for the day. You’re welcome. It will also improve your lung capacity if you do it often enough, and might even convince you to quit smoking just so you can keep up with your character’s super-lungs.

Give Your Right Hand a Rest

Your mouse hand gets quite the workout whenever you’re playing an MMORPG or a MOBA. Try switching between your mouse hand and your keyboard hand from time to time. That way, not only will you be able to surprise your opponents by yelling mid-combat “I am NOT left-handed” and switching back to your dominant hand to dominate the battlefield, but both your arms will get an even workout and muscle tone. In exercise, just like in the games we play, balance is very important.

Rethink Your Role Model

Another way to quickly feel healthier is to adjust what you consider a realistic, healthy body image. You might not be as statuesque as the level 59 Elf warrior you play, but you’re doing way better than those trolls you just slaughtered! I mean, look at you! You hardly ever drool all over yourself, your skin isn’t a sickly shade of green, and your insides and on the inside. You are the picture of health!

Stay at Home and Avoid Injury

As we covered in the beginning, people keep insisting that playing online games can be bad for your health. This always makes me wonder - have those people ever been outside?! You can’t get into a car accident while playing online, unless you’re playing on your mobile device while driving, which - if that is the case, stop it right now! Are you insane?! You’re also quite safe from falling debris, rabid animals and people who hand out pamphlets. Even being in the sun for too long can damage your health, and that’s never an issue when you’re playing the latest online shooter.