How MMO Games have Evolved over the Years

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MMO Games – Separating the Jurassic Era from High-Tech Interactive Genius

MMO games have come an incredibly long way in a relatively short period of time. Think of the technological wizardry that you now enjoy in your MMORPG games – it’s nothing short of phenomenal. Since the year 2000 we’ve seen widespread changes taking place in the online gaming realm. You may be wondering what caused this massive acceleration in MMO functionality – it’s just one word: evolution. Like in nature it’s about survival of the fittest and adapting to survive; the same sort of process drives the games industry.

Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMO) are completely dependent on the evolution of the Internet. Now that billions of people are connected to the World Wide Web, MMO game developers have a massive multiplayer online network of available players. This is all the impetus you need to drive creativity, ingenuity, technological prowess and the best darn games the world has ever seen.

Cheaper Internet Boosts MMO Popularity

As the cost of Internet access plunges, we see increasing numbers of players accessing the Internet and choosing to play MMO games. This helps developers build up their subscriber base into the tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and ultimately into the millions. Now, virtually every household has PCs, smartphones, tablets and even desktop computers. The Internet of things is everywhere we look, from wearable technology to our vehicles. 24/7 access to the Internet guarantees access to a virtual gaming world that never sleeps.

Not only do we have access to whatever online content we need in real time, we have unlimited access to it. Internet speeds are getting faster and faster and this has allowed MMO games to evolve at lightning pace. Remember all the lag you used to get with your Internet dial-up 52k modems back in the 90s? Nowadays, there is lightning speed Internet at 300 Mb per second, and there’s no signs of this progress slowing down. This allows us to play graphics-rich MMO games with the most intricate details, intense action scenes and interactivity.

We Want It All & We Want it Now

The immediacy of MMO games is one of their most endearing characteristics. Once you log on, you are right there in the thick of the action. Of course you will have to level up to access an improved skill set and new challenges, but that is part of the player’s evolution in the MMO game. Some players say that we have evolved in MMO because it is easier to level up now with the interactivity among players in these games. Back in the day, it was more difficult to communicate in real-time with other players while you were levelling up. Now you have audio-visual interactivity in real time, and it's only getting started.

There are loads of innovative elements making their way into the MMO field. For example the concept of levelling up is falling away in many new games that are being developed. Levels tend to separate players more than they unite them. Game developers do not want to bring divisions to their players, so some games no longer require players to level up. This way, you get to play in real time with your friends and fellow players without having to worry about not being able to keep up. There is another interesting aspect of MMO games development that is available today: Paying your way to get what you want. Is this a good option? In my opinion - hell no! If you're not going to grind your way through the game and earn what it is that you're looking for – what's the point?

We Shape the Future Direction of MMO Games

Everything is still in a state of flux when it comes to MMO games – evolution is accelerating at a blistering pace. Not only is the technology changing, but player interests are changing too. With so many games out there, it really is a players’ market and gaming developers have to cater precisely to the needs of their audience or risk being disposed of.

Fortunately leading gaming companies like Plarium take player opinions into consideration when they are developing games, and while the games are ongoing. MMO games are all about interactivity between players, and between players and developers. At no point in our history have we been as much a part of shaping the future in the virtual world as we are in MMO games!

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