Want to play MMO games in bed? Here are 9 reasons not to do that

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MMO games are for adrenaline junkies! There’s no doubt in my mind about that. But what I’ve learned over the years is that there is a time and a place for everything. Okay, you’re probably wondering – where and when should I be playing MMO games? That’s not for me to tell you, because you may be very happy where you’re playing MMO games. What I am going to share with you, however, are the 9 reasons why I don’t advocate playing MMO games in bed.
Let’s cut to the chase!


MMO is livewire entertainment and you certainly don’t want to be dozing off in the middle of a raid. Imagine getting into a virtual firefight with your clan, tribe or guild and you find your eyelids starting to close. What a travesty! You’re likely to become the laughing stock of virtualdom! So I’m going to offer you some sage advice right here – avoid playing MMO games in bed. It’s simply not worth it!


Let’s be honest for a second – it’s not really all that comfortable playing MMO games on your bed. You’re probably better off in the lounge where you can enjoy lots more space and a setup that is conducive to taking on enemy combatants. Think of all the hardware you’ve got for your MMO games: mega laptops, graphics accelerator units, headsets, amps and sound systems etcetera. You’re going to want to keep your bedroom reserved for sleeping and TV and the lounge or spare room for MMO games.


Your bedroom should be reserved for other types of games. Now I’m not advocating anything here – just saying. So yes, play by all means but be selective about what you play. MMO games are fantasy-laden attractions so you won’t want to mistake your in-game theatrics for your real-life partner in the bedroom…


If you’re single, you don’t want your ‘home-coming’ dates to be put off by all the MMO hardware in your bedroom unless of course you’re dating a fellow gamer. Regardless: point #7 still applies here.


If you’re in a relationship, you certainly don’t want to put any undue stress on it by playing MMO games in your mutual space. And in the case of a couple, that space is invariably the bedroom. So keep your MMO games out of the bedroom and your other mad skills in the bedroom.


Bedrooms are for two things: TV and sleeping. Get your mind out the gutter; you can do that anywhere. Every room has a purpose, so keep it real and keep your gaming out the bedroom.


If you play MMO games in your bedroom you may start having to re-introduce yourself to members of your family you’ve not seen in weeks or even months. There is a reason that families interact with one another. You don’t want a situation arising where one member of the family is continually holed up in his/her bedroom to the detriment of the family unit.


Break the stereotype! You don’t need to enjoy PG-rated MMO content in the confines of your bedroom anymore. You can proudly play MMO in any room of your house or apartment. It’s your call. Break convention – stay out of the room. You’re a daredevil; you should proudly play your choice of MMO games wherever you like!


You’ve made it this far. Now you want to know what my #1 reason for NOT playing MMO games in the bedroom is. Well, here it is: Why on earth would you want your spaghetti and meatballs dripping all over your MMO gaming computer? My bedroom is where I eat. Why would I want to soil my expensive PC in the one place reserved for sloppy home cooking?