7 Signs You’re Dating an MMO Player

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Does your boyfriend or girlfriend constantly talk about raids and loot? Is your girlfriend always online, managing Resources? We have news for you - you might be dating an MMO player. Here are a few telltale signs that your significant other is hooked on MMOs.

All your dates happen online

When was the last time you saw the face of your significant other? Do you even remember what they look like? They definitely don’t look like that green-skinned Half Orc with the tattoos you’ve been adventuring with online… I mean, let’s hope not. Or, at this point, maybe you wish they did...

They get upset if you don’t remember their character’s race

How many times have you gotten into an argument with your partner just because you referred to their character as “an Elf” or, god forbid, “that thing with the pointy ears”? I mean, it’s clearly a Night Elf! Does the purple skin mean nothing to you?!

The diamonds you buy for them are never forever

Buying your significant other a diamond ring is a very big step in any relationship, but it seems like the only diamonds your partner is interested in are the kind they can buy powerful Units with.

They get jealous if you play with other people

When they find out you’ve been playing online with other people, they can often fly into a jealous rage. What do you mean you already went on that quest with JimTheFireMonk24?! And who’s this CommanderLola99 that keeps sending you Resources?

You go on raids at least twice a week

Do you go out to fancy restaurants or for nice romantic walks on the beach? No way! All you do together is go on raid after raid, defeating enemies and taking names. For your significant other, this is what “quality time” actually means!

When you visit friends, your significant other goes through their stuff looking for loot
You just can’t take your significant other anywhere! Every time you go someplace new, they open all the cupboards, drawers, and closets, looking for epic loot and crafting materials. Sure, they can make a cool sword out of pretty much anything, but the weird looks you’re getting just aren’t worth it.

MMOs bring you hours of joy, fun and epic adventure

If MMOs have served to bring you two closer together, than your significant other is definitely an MMO player and you probably are too! Don’t you feel lucky to have found someone to share this awesome hobby with? You should!