Are You Ready to Fortify Your Defenses, Train Your Army & Build an Empire?

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MMO games are quite unlike anything you have ever experienced before. Forget about all those shoddy games of yesteryear… get with the program. I'm not talking about playing dead-end games that ultimately go nowhere. Those cartridge-style attractions of the 1990s and early 2000s cost a fortune and to be quite honest – they're pretty darn boring. Besides, interactivity was never their saving grace. Enter the new age – the dawning of the Massive Multiplayer Online game. This is the ultimate thrill ride for the player who wants a monster-sized bite of the action!

The first thing you have to realize about these grand games is that they are strategy-based attractions. With strategy comes interactivity. When you log onto your favorite MMO game, you are going to be presented with an immersive experience second to none. It's not enough to simply login and feel your way around – that's your ticket to getting dead. No, with MMO games you need to invest time, energy and resources into building a virtual empire of adrenaline-loaded entertainment. You will go from a noob to a pro as you advance through the game’s levels, challenges and combat scenes. This party is just getting started…

Are you in the business of Empire building?

So you’re probably wondering: What's all this talk about Empire Building? No – it's got nothing to do with the famed monument in New York City, this is all about you. An empire is a pretty remarkable achievement in the gaming world. You get to spread your influence far and wide. You do this not because it's easy; because you've earned that right to be an MMO superstar. As you slowly but surely advance through your challenges, collect the requisite skills, resources and partnerships, your sphere of influence increases. This is the beginning of your empire building phase.

Alliances with fellow pirates, soldiers, and outlaws are part of the appeal. There is plenty of skullduggery along the way, and that's what makes the process of empire building so much more fun. Whether you're playing Pirates: Tides of Fortune, Total Domination, or Sparta: War of Empires you're always on the hunt for wild action. I kid you not, you're going to have to get into the trenches and grind your way through some of the most intense battles your eyes have ever seen.

But you're equipped with whatever you need to succeed. Get ready to kick the tires and light the fires as your MMO gaming career takes off. An empire begins with just one soldier. Greatness is within you… dig deep to find it and MMO games will be your vehicle to build your empire!