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The origin of PC Games

PC games have long been a bastion of the most dedicated of video gamers, and with good reason. Since the humble early days of the 1980s, this form of gaming has exploded.

Back then, it was the input options that only personal computers could offer that set this form of gaming apart. After a few years, the power of computers would also mark them as having the most room for growth.

Today, PC games run the gambit of all genres and styles. Of all of these, it is perhaps the free download world that interests us the most. So what are the best download sites for free PC games, and where can they be found?

What are Free PC Games and Free-to-Play PC Games?

Free-to-play PC games have been around for a very long time. Even the earliest days of the internet came with dedicated websites for this very purpose. Traditionally, these came under the banner of "shareware".

Shareware games could be found on computer games download sites and gave a part of a game for free as part of a try-before-you-buy approach. First released in 1993, the FPS Doom was a popular example of this, where the first episode of three was fully free, while the rest were available to buy. This proved a very popular method, spreading far beyond the FPS origins.

Knowing this, we at Plarium decided to follow our own dream of guiding players to full free-to-play games. Our growing list of titles so far includes:

Of course, with the market being as dynamic as it is, we don’t stop there. As forward-thinking developers, we make sure our games are also available over mobile and tablet systems. Gaming may have evolved, but that just means everyone has more ways to play.

Are Downloadable PC Games the Future?

Many have speculated that the era of PC games might be over as mobile games have become tremendously popular over the last decade, but the most complex video games are still best played on PC or console. 

Plarium is committed to bringing our ever growing community of gamers the best gaming experiences both on mobile and PC. Our downloadable games client Plarium Play is the ultimate space to try all our games at their top quality level.

Play our downloadable games on Plarium Play for free from any browser on both PC and Mac!