Clans and working together in MMO

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At their very core, MMORTS - and MMO games in general - are all centered on team play. Working together as part of a team allows you to achieve goals and overcome obstacle which otherwise would be insurmountable if you play as an individual.

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For example, in an MMORTS game, you might work together to form a team that is more powerful than sum of their individual parts in order to take on a higher level enemy, and therefore using each players individual strengths to form a stronger, collective unit. 

In most online games, they do this by assigning classes. One class will have its strengths and positive points, while its weaknesses will be negated when working together with certain other classes. Only by working together and forming one, unified unit, are you able to even come close to defeating some of the higher-level enemies or more difficult challenges in the game.

Share Your Knowledge: Learn From Others

Have you ever noticed why a lot of MMOs seem like they’re purposely obtuse or difficult to learn by design? That’s the whole point! After the basic tutorial stages, you’ll be thrust into the game and expect to know which choices or decisions are best for you as a player in the medium to long-term. You can learn the hard way; if the game has perma-death, or even if you simply lose your items after dying, you’ll quickly learn that you’re doing things the wrong way. That, however, is a huge price to pay for education! Why not just use the in-game mechanics to talk to other players and learn from their experience?

Most MMOs have a system in which you can easily, and quickly, find new people to play with and make new friends. If that’s not your thing, then just ask questions in the chat – you’ll usually find one or two people that are willing to help you out!

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It’s FUN!

Lastly, but in my opinion most importantly, it’s much more fun to play with friends! Fun is always best when shared with others, and it’s no different when playing games online. Sitting on your voice-chat program of choice, laughing and joking with friends is a much better way to enjoy the game time than doing a 2 hour raid all by your lonesome! Try to find a group with similar interests both inside and outside of the game, and sooner or later you can make some long-lasting friendships.

Find posts on game forums that are looking for extra members, or simply use the in-game chat and keep your eye out for groups looking for extra people to play with. Regardless, it is a game and should always be in the end, fun!

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