4 things to do in MMOs

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For an inexperienced gamer, jumping headfirst into the online gaming circle can be an overwhelming, oftentimes aggressive and strange experience. Chances are, if you’re still gaming in this day and age, sooner or later diving into online gaming is something you’ll need to get your head around if you want to experience the full value of today’s games.

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With the internet becoming ever faster, more reliable and even easier to develop for, game developers are more and more likely to include some sort of online multiplayer modes within their games. With that said, we thought it best if we could offer you some advice to help make your step into the online gaming world as enjoyable as possible.

The “Do’s”

1. Find your skill level!

Most games have arenas, modes or game types organized by skill level – if you’re a new player, select the “n00b” skill or beginner servers. This way you can locate other people who are also learning the game and around your skill level to give yourself a fighting chance and the ability to make mistakes and still survive!

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2. Play with friends!

Playing with your friends is more enticing, more fulfilling and most all, more fun than playing alone. Join your friends and use a voice chat program to chat together while you play. This way you’ll experience the best parts of online gaming.

3. Make new friends!

Have you had fun with any of the “random” players you’ve met online? If so, add them to your friends list and play with them regularly. This way you’ll develop your skill at the game at the same time and help each other progress through the ranks.

4. Use a microphone and headphones 

If you’re playing a game such as a first person shooter, headphones are the key to ensuring you can hear people coming from all directions and keep yourself alive. A good pair of headphones helps immerse yourself in the game in a way that a normal set of speakers cannot, as well as giving you a huge edge on other players.

Along the same lines, communication is a great asset when playing against other organized players! Get a microphone to execute detailed, organized attacks and you’ll feel a level of satisfaction that otherwise you wouldn’t have thought possible from a computer game.

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