7 weirdest MMO Google searches

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The Internet is an infinite well of information, containing the collective knowledge humanity has gathered across tens of thousands of years. Thanks to search engines like Google, we can all access this vast ocean of knowledge with a few easy clicks, and find everything our heart and brain desire. While most of us utilize this marvel of technology to watch funny animal videos, brave people delve deep into the web and search for some really weird stuff. Some those people are MMO players, so we get quite a few weird MMO searches.

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MMO you can play solo

Why? The whole point of an MMO is to play with other people - it has both Massively and Multiplayer right there in the name. I get that some people just want to experience a good story without having to interact with other dirty humans, but that’s why we have single-player RPGs.

MMO games you can get married in

This isn’t the weirdest search on this list, and on some level it can be understood. MMOs are a social experience, designed to bring people together, so it is only natural some people would make strong connections during the game. However, I would much rather slay dragons and topple empires than choose flower arrangements.

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MMO games where you can have babies

Ok, that’s going a bit too far, don’t you think? Marriage in an MMO is all well and good, but why would you want to take care of a bunch of digital toddlers? They will only grow up to digitally resent you for not going to their digital baseball games, since you were too busy raiding.

MMO golf game

I don’t know what more weird: the fact that people are looking to play a Golf MMO, or that there are actually Golf MMOs. Because both are true. Though admittedly it could be really cool to have a combat system that’s completely based around golf; they already have the clubs...

MMO of South Carolina

I know they probably mean MMO as in something like Minimum Municipal Obligation, but I like the idea of each state, or each country for that matter, having its own national MMO game. Don’t you? State animal: White-tailed Deerclops; state amphibian: Spotted Frost Salamander; state beverage: mana. I can go all day.

MMO Mafia text game

Nothing brings the intrigue and danger of organized crime to life like a text-based game. There are quite a few video games that put you in the shoes of a hardened gangster trying to either build their own criminal empire, or take over one. Why people are searching for a text-based one is beyond me, but hey - to each their own.

MMO with most female players

Hopefully this search was made by a student writing a term paper or something. Otherwise, it’s kind of creepy. Why would you care which MMO game has the biggest “female player” population? Do you choose to play games based on the amount of women you can meet? MMOs are not a dating service, you know.

MMO where you can do anything

While there are some MMOs out there that let you do some really bizarre stuff, no game can let you do anything. You might be able to fly, shoot lasers at dinosaurs or defeat the entire Persian Empire, but you will never fight a giant octopus made out of sentient folding chairs on top of a volcano that spews jellybeans. And if you do know of an MMO that lets you do that - send me a link pronto!

These are actually just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many weird searches on the Internet, but we can only bring you so many (and only the SFW ones). If you haven’t found these as weird as we have, then it only shows you have a much higher tolerance for weirdness than we have - not an easy feat to achieve. 

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