Learn how to trade in MMO games

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Why learning the art of trading important

Learning the ins and outs of trading between players can greatly speed up your game progression – remember, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure! Practically, this means you’ll be able to get great deals on highly sought items, as something that would help you massively can be almost worthless to someone who no longer has any need for it.

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How to maximize your trading efficiency in online games

Sell directly to other players

In most MMO games, you’ll be able to “sell” resources or items back to the game, in which you’ll always get a set price for the item. Excellent idea, right? Wrong! These in-game places always give you much less than the actual value of your item – you’ll ALWAYS get a better price if you sell directly to another player, as you’ll get to choose exactly what you want in return.

Be patient

You lose nothing by holding on to your item and you are not in a position where you desperately need to rid yourself of something to sleep at night. Wait for a good price and someone to offer you a good trade for your item. You make the demands, they choose whether to accept them or not. Remember, they wouldn’t be offering anything at all if they didn’t want whatever you are selling!

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Use the chat system.

Not all players are actively checking the “trading” screen every minute of the day – use the great power of chat to let all players know you’re selling something. This way, you’re hitting a much larger audience than the very few who are actively checking the trade system.

Conversely, if you are looking to buy a specific item, you can do the same thing. Let people know via the chat, and “that guy” who has been too lazy to use the trading system might just remind himself that he has what you needs and make you an offer!

Trading in MMOs in general

Just as in real life, people are always trying to get the maximum for their money. There are some people who spend all day on the trading system, buying low value items and selling high ones so that they can build up their resources and their army. Because of this, you’ll get lowball offers, people will ask high prices of you, and sometimes it’s hard to know if you’re getting your money’s worth. To combat this, keep an eye on recent similar trades.

This may sound simple, but when you are trying to buy or sell an item, look at recent trades of the item and see how much the item is worth. Nobody wants to be the guy getting the raw end of a deal!

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