Playing MMO can sometimes be like being back at school!

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So, MMO online games can be like a schoolyard! What do I mean by that? Well you know how there was always the little angry guy at lunch who somehow always annoyed the big guys? Yes, you know the one I am talking about, the guy who picked fights and then looked at you and your buddies for protection, and because he was in your ‘group’ you felt obliged to stick up for him, most of the time not knowing the exact fundamentals of the real truth … well you had his version and that should be enough, right?

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And next thing you know you have a bigger group of guys chasing you around the schoolyard because of this one little trouble maker!

From time to time you are going to have that little guy in your Clan! Yes, he will be the one who spies on the big guys, tries to attack them or even worse, starts sending nasty-grams through the in-game chat for all to see, next thing you know he claims to the Clan hierarchy that he is being relentlessly attacked by a rival Clan and needs everyone to stick up for his honor and ‘Clanism’!

Now you are in a difficult position, essentially you have to back up your team mates, but what has this guy got you involved in? Usually a hell of a battle is about to erupt and it will cost you a lot of troops and resources, not to mention time! It will also get you earmarked as the enemy of countless other players you had no issue with the last time you logged into your MMO Universe!

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Clan Leadership and Common Sense!

This is where your hierarchy and Clan leaders need to step up and show a little common sense. If they are all gung-ho and cavalier, you may find your entire Clan at the end of a not-so-popular war, on the other hand, a little common sense and some clear communication can go a lot further and avoid the ensuing ‘blood-bath’!

Many times I have been contacted by Clan Leaders, some warn me to stop attacking their Clan members, and others ask what the issue is. Of course the reality is that I did not attack anyone, but was the receiver of these aggressions. The first kind of Clan leader receives a curt and direct response of facts, the latter a mature and intelligent conversation, which nine times out of ten usually results in me being offered a position within their Clan!

Whatever the story, eventually you too will be involved in a similar situation. My advice is to always remain calm and try to communicate! Yes, it is annoying, yes, MMO has a lot of ‘schoolyard fools’, but in the long run, although you may lose some troops, you will come out on top by not reacting in a knee-jerk fashion.

Happy Gaming!

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