The World’s First MMO Olympics

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The Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games have come and gone, leaving behind a trail of broken records and some of the greatest moments in the history of sports and human achievement. Inspired by this epic display of sportsmanship, pageantry, and triumph, we’ve decided to pitch our own version of the Summer Games - The world’s first Summer Olympic Massive Multiplayer Online Games!

Since we know MMOs and sports don’t always go together, we came up with a few new Olympic activities veteran MMO players can practice and compete in for the whole world to see.

Here is a list of 7 of them, so you can start your rigorous training immediately.

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Being fast goes a long way when playing online games, but just how fast can you go? The first official MMO Olympic activity is a lot like racing, but racing using your mouse and keyboard. The idea is simple - the first one to reach a certain number of clicks wins. We can start with a 100-click dash and go all the way up to a 400-click sprint, a 1,000-click track, and more. It’s basically racing for your fingers, so you better start wiggling them about to get ready!

Killing Rats

Killing rats is a time-honored MMORPG tradition, and one that tests the mettle of every veteran player. Killing one rat is a laughably easy feat for even the most noobish of players, but killing lots and lots of them in the shortest time possible is a true testament to a player’s skills and understanding of the game’s inner rules and logic. When the event is done, we can use the piles of dead rats as a kind of Olympic Podium - the one standing on the highest pile is obviously the gold medalist.

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Rhythmic Spellcasting

Here is an activity for the magic users and spellcasters among you. Magic is a powerful force that can level mountains and decimate cities, but it can also make for a beautiful show. Just like with rhythmic gymnastics, watching wizards, sorcerers, and shaman plan and execute an elaborate display of fireballs, lightning bolts, and illusions to the sound of cheesy 80’s pop anthems can be an inspirational and inspiring experience. Not singeing the judges’ eyebrows off will, of course, net you high praise.

Synchronized Raiding

Online strategy gamers, especially those who belong to active clans, know all about raiding multiple targets at once and unleashing a series of raids on one location in order to dwindle its defences before seizing all its Resources. Our MMO Olympic competition of Synchronized raiding should transform this practice into an art form. This is a team event, where the team is presented with a preset map featuring different bases, and they have to acquire the most Resources in a limited number of raids. This is where we separate the strategy masters from the strategy gods.

War for Territory

The idea behind this activity is pretty straightforward: two clans battle it out for control over a specific area of the map. It’s like tug-of-war, but with armies and military warfare. Naturally, the winning clan is the one that is left holding the territory at the end. This can actually be a great spectator sport as the war rages on and the territory constantly switches hands between the two clans.


Loot and gear is an important aspect of any MMO, MMORPG, MOBA, online strategy game, and even online shooter. It’s essentially the basis for a game’s economy, character progression, and quest design. So it only makes sense that loot should take a central rule in the MMO Olympics. Loot-lifting can take many forms, from characters optimized to carry as much loot as possible, to finding the best possible loot in a raid or a dungeon. Any excuse to go out and find more loot, right?

Base Building

The Summer Games have the marathon, and the MMO Olympics have base Building. It is a long, arduous event, where players compete to build up their base from its very foundations. The goal is either to be the first player to reach a certain build, or the player with the most advanced base when the allotted time is over. Through strategic use of boosters to speed up building, or sending out raiding parties to gather more Resources, players can win or lose the lead at any given point. However, this event can admittedly be very long and even tiresome to watch.

And there you have it - a few possible events and activities for the first official MMO Summer  Olympic Games. When 2018 rolls around with the Winter Olympics Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, we will revisit this idea. Until then, keep on practicing so you too can represent your clan when the day arrives.

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