9 Horrible MMO Halloween Costume Ideas

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Whenever Halloween draws near, 3 things immediately spring to mind: candy, pumpkin spice everything, and costumes. While you can’t really go wrong with candy or pumpkin spice (well, not TOO wrong), finding the Halloween costume that perfectly expresses your love for MMOs is no easy task. heck. Too bad you can’t go as that dashing half-elf bard every year...

Unfortunately for you, you won’t find any good ideas for that perfect Halloween MMO costume here. The costumes below are all bad. Just plain bad. Hopefully they won’t give you any silly ideas, and you’ll find some other way to show the world just how much you love MMORPGs, strategy games, or MOBAs. Unless, of course, you really want to use one of these costumes, in which case - go right ahead; we won’t judge (much).

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Quest Giver

At a first glance, this looks like a clever, easy way to make a costume. All you really need is giant foam exclamation mark on a clear pvc pipe (a simple sign with an exclamation mark painted on it would do if you’re really lazy) and that’s it! You can maybe spice up the look with a dirty peasant outfit, but the basics are pretty simple to pull off. However, there is a catch: carrying a giant exclamation mark above your head throughout the entire party will become very annoying, very quickly, and if you do decide to set it aside, nobody will have the faintest idea what you’re supposed to be.

Chainmail Bikini Warrior

The idea of chainmail bikini is perhaps the least original on this list. Not only is it  impractical on so many levels, it’s also a huge fashion faux pas. To begin with, it’s just so ‘80s, and we can all agree nothing good whatsoever came out of 80s fashion. On a more practical level, you really don’t want to be going outside in a bikini on a cold October night, and it offers no protection from curious onlookers or over-zealous trick-or-treaters either. Yet the worst part by far is that you’re going to have to shave off everything to stop it from getting caught in the chainmail. And we do mean EVERYTHING.


Perhaps the saddest thing about living in an online world is that the term “Troll” no longer refers to  mythical creatures that live under bridges with their bright, colorful hair (this may be a slight cross-contamination of troll stereotypes, but you get the point). Instead, we are stuck with the online troll - a creature you can find in every corner of the internet, MMOs included. Dressing up as a troll requires a tremendous amount of makeup to replicate their unique facial texture, and almost certainly isn’t worth the effort and, above all, there’s a limit as to how insensitive a costume can be…

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Rogue Rogue

A Rouge gone rogue! How clever! At least it sounds clever until you realize that what you are trying to portray is a double negative:  a rogue that has decided to not steal anything that isn’t nailed down, or to try and not stab people in the back. Basically a normal, functioning adult human being. Kind of boring, right? The positive is that the costume is easy to master: all you need are some khaki cargo shorts, a flannel shirt, and you’re done! Just wear whatever you usually would:  while not as exciting as the conventional Rogue, the rogue Rogue is also a solid excuse if you don’t feel like dressing up this Halloween.

+7 Evil Vanquisher Mace

You’re trying to be original, eh? Deciding to dress up as an inanimate object isn’t unheard of, but to masquerade as your character’s favorite weapon is a bit much, don’t you think? Besides, how do you even differentiate yourself from a regular mace? Add sparkly bits and flames? Carry around the weapon’s stats on a little board? No matter how hard you try, you’ll most likely end up with a-10 debuff to your Charisma. Plus, a morningstar would have been much, much cooler anyway.

Health Potion

Get a grip already! Yes, health potions are iconic to any MMORPG (and even a few MOBAs) but why earth would you want to use that fact to make a costume? It may well be a lovely homage to something that has saved your characters’ lives countless times, and it’s probably fairly easy to pull off, but going as a videogame consumable must be a new low. If the embarrassment strikes you mid-party, you can always tell people you are the Kool-Aid Man, although if your costume is a health potion then that ship will probably have sailed a long time before that.


If you are an MMORPG player, you could try dressing up as your in-game character, Milo the Orc Mangler. However, this becomes a bit more problematic when you’re really into online strategy games, because while there are a few noteworthy NPCs in any game, the only digital representation of yourself in a strategy game is your base; your castle; your city; or whatever your game calls it. We wouldn’t recommend turning any sort of digital settlement into a Halloween costume though, particularly if you are used to fitting through doors and other medium-sized spaces.?

The UI

If you’re even considering this costume, you are either way too involved in user-interface design, or just love being “meta”. Dressing up as a game mechanic is admittedly original, but turning a game’s UI into a costume is also plainly ridiculous.  Unless you are going to glue little square pictures of swords, magic spells and potions on your abdomen just above the red and blue lines,ou might as well just dress up as the loading screen and be done with it.


This costume will begin as a savage commentary on the unscrupulous nature of free-to-play MMOs, and you can even make some of the money you spent on the costume back. Just like your favorite MMO, simply charge the other party goers for the chance to see more and more parts of your costume: the more they are willing to pay, the more elaborate your costume will become! Unfortunately, it does mean you’ll have to put quite a lot of work into creating an elaborate costume that can be broken down into small pieces, without any assurances someone will even want to see it. Kind of like being a game developer, really!

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