The Most Common Terms Used In MMOs

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Glossary Of MMO Terms

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Area of Effect – Usually a skill in which the damage is dealt within a radius of a certain range.


A person’s alternate character or account; used for fun, helping friends, or sometimes in ways to try and cheat the game’s system.


Away From Keyboard – Usually when someone has the game loaded up and is online, but is not actively playing.


Be right Back – Fairly self-explanatory!


– Crowd Control – The use of a skill to control a player or NPC character. Such skills could silence or immobilize an enemy, allowing your team (or yourself) to continue your attack.


Cool Down- The recharge time of a spell or a skill. The time you need to wait after using it, to use it again.


Damage Per Second – This is a character or spell’s damage output per second


Damage Over Time – This is a spell or a skill which inflicts a certain amount of damage on your enemy over a certain period of time, before wearing off.


Good Game. Usually announced at the end of a fight, battle or competitive clan match.


Looking For Group – Usually used for finding members to join you and fight a more powerful boss, dungeon or mob.


Looking For More – If you are part of a group already are looking for extra members.


is often used to signify the number of players needed in place of the X.


A person’s primary character or account; usually the one they use for raids, dungeons and big fights.


Non-Player Character – The opposite to the above: a computer-controlled character.


Player Character – A character/unit controlled by a player.


Want To Sell – When someone is announcing in chat that they wish to sell an item


Want To Buy – When someone is announcing in chat that they wish to buy an item.


The endurance of your character. A character with low survivability will not stay alive long in battles if you allow it to take damage.


– A class whose main job it is to help and support other classes, providing damage increases, healing and survivability within the group.


Experience. Experience gained in-game through levelling, completing quests etc. Experience points usually increase your character’s level, when you get enough of them.

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