If Game of Thrones characters played MMOs

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The sixth season of Game of Thrones premiered not long ago, and the time between each episode can feel like a lifetime. So instead of yelling at the clock to move faster so we can finally return to Westeros and be reunited with our favorite characters (those who are still alive at least), we decided to take action! As a result, we’ve invited a handful of GoT characters to come play MMOs with us to pass the time!

Well, no… not really, but wouldn’t it be awesome if we had? This is what we’d imagine would happen if the characters from Game of Thrones actually joined us in an online strategy game.

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Ned Stark

Eddard Stark is an honorable and just player who would never betray his allies. Unfortunately, players who aren’t in the practice of scheming even a little do not tend to survive for very long in the world of MMOs. Especially once all their allies have been defeated and they discover they don't have a Plan B.

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Jon Snow

Jon Snow is the poster boy for n00bs (i.e. newbies) His heart is in the right place, but he just doesn't know how to play the game. From time to time he achieves a small victory, but whenever he tries to play in the big leagues, someone just puts him down again.

Arya Stark

Arya was once a part of a big and noble League that rules a large part of the map. After her League was attacked and disbanded, she moved her Castle to a new location and just disappeared. However, rumor has it she is still playing and plans to take glorious revenge against the players who wronged her.

Daenerys Targaryen

The mother of dragons is a noble player, and a lot of people really like her. However, she has a tendency to constantly help other, less successful players instead of taking care of her own Castle. Her lack of powerful allies means she is very vulnerable to Raids and Sieges.

Joffrey Baratheon

Joffrey is just about the worst type of player. He attacks low-level players that can't really defend themselves, and relies on his powerful League members to get him out of trouble if a rival tries to retaliate. The worst part is this strategy actually works for him. We wouldn't be surprised if someone ends up taking him out for good.

Cersei Lannister

They don't call her "queen" for nothing. Cersei always finds a way to rise to power, no matter what situation she finds herself in. Sure, she might lose some friends and allies along the way, but as long as she's winning - it's worth it. Stay out of her way.

Tyrion Lannister

Now here is someone who knows how to strategize. He doesn't appear as a serious threat, so most players tend to ignore him and leave his Castle in peace. However, his work behind the scenes has gained him powerful friends and ensured he doesn't just survive - he thrives.

Theon Greyjoy

Some players just don't have what it takes. Theon tried to make a name for himself so many times, but failed miserably. Now he is forced to do all of his League's dirty work just so they won't kick him out. It's a wonder he is still playing, and you’ve got to admire such tenacity.

Ramsay Bolton

Do you know the type of player that just attacks and destroys Castles for no good reason? That's Ramsay Bolton to a tee. He is actually even worse. He's cunning enough to lure players into traps in a seemingly easy victory, only to unleash a devastating counterattack and completely obliterate their armies.


No one knows how, but Littlefinger always comes out on top. He isn't the strongest or the smartest player, but somehow he always manages to leave a League just before a massive attack takes place against it, and then magically ends up on the winning side. It's like he knows what's going to happen before it happens - and that's the most useful skill in an MMORTS.

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