7 Things to Do While Your Friends Are AFK

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There are many reasons for people to step away from their computer while playing MMOs - all of which are inexcusable. There’s nothing that can justify leaving your party to wait for you while you go AFK (Away From Keyboard) to take care of your fragile mortal form.

However, since Plarium MMO players are made from the stuff of legends, I see no reason to write a whole blog post about why you should never leave your raiding party mid-session, because I know you’d never do such a thing. Instead, here are a few things you can do while you’re stuck in place while your clanmates go AFK for the gazillionth time today.

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Go AFK Yourself

Yeah, you have stuff to do, too! Just get up and walk away! Never look back! Give them a taste of their own medicine, and see how they like it! By the way, you’ve just started a vicious cycle that will never be broken, so you can forget about ever coming back and playing this MMO again. 

Eat Away Your Frustration

Since you’re not going to get up from your chair and walk away from the computer, look around you and see if there’s something munchable within arm’s reach. We would advise against eating your laptop; it contains toxic metals and is terribly under-seasoned anyway. And besides, you’ll need it for the next tip.

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Play Another MMO

While you wait for one MMO to continue on your desktop, start up your laptop and play some other MMO. Don’t give me that “open the game in a new tab” nonsense! You need at least two different computers so you can play these online games simultaneously if the need arises. You’re not going to go AFK from your laptop once the action picks back up on your desktop, right?

Learn a Skill

Unless you are some radical MMO grandma, you probably don’t know how to knit. Now would be a great time to learn! Knitting, juggling, or making weird shapes with your tongue - learning a new skills is productive but can take a lot of time. Luckily, you’ve got plenty of that before your friend returns from the bathroom.

Write a Bestselling Gaming Memoir

You are a prolific gamer who has invested hundreds, if not thousands of hours into playing MMORPGS, online strategy games, MOBAs and even a few platformers. Share your memories and life experience with the world. Just be sure to omit the boring parts, like when you were sitting in front of your computer, waiting for people who went AFK and writing your memoirs.

Find Better Friends

Close your eyes and repeat after me (don’t actually close your eyes, because I need you to read on): “I deserve friends who don’t go AFK”. Now, while you wait for your so-called-friends to come back, whip out your phone and go prowling on every social network and app you know, and meet new people to play with. There are plenty of apps out there for players like you to “swipe right” on.

Complete the Raid by Yourself Like a Boss

Who needs a raiding party anyways? You’re the best MMORPG gamer there is! Equip your best sword/axe/staff/crossbow/book and head into the dungeon by yourself. That way you get to keep all the loot to yourself. Don’t be discouraged if you die 17 times in a row - it’s still better than sitting around doing nothing while your party members are off doing who-knows-what.

I bet every MMO player has their own ways of dealing with annoying people who constantly go AFK, though I think the ones I provided you here will open a world of new possibilities before you. Whatever you do, don’t take this sort of abuse sitting down! Stand up for yourself! But only in the figurative sense, because your friends could be back any minute and then you’ll finally be able to go on that new raid you’ve been dying to complete.

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