10 common mistakes made by MMO players

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The world of Massively Multiplayer Online games is a tricky one. There are so many ways for things to go wrong, especially early on when you’re still learning the ropes. Even veteran players make mistakes here and there, although these are usually much more costly. In order to help you succeed, here you’ll find a list of 10 of the most common mistakes made by MMO players. Read it carefully and you might just save yourself precious time, resources and heartache.

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#10 Not following the tutorial

Upon starting a new game,it can be tempting to run off and explore your new world, or just to dive straight into battle. However,the tutorial is there for a reason: ignore it, and you’ll wish you’d have built those 3 extra farms when you're stuck without resources an hour into the game.

#9 Attacking random strangers

Defeating other players in PvP is fun, sure, but don't go around attacking everyone in sight. You'll make a lot of powerful enemies that way - and worse still, you won't have any friends to back you up. Only attack other players when you're absolutely ready, or if they say something really mean about your mother.

#8 Not playing for long periods of time

An MMO game is a commitment, at least if you want to make it to the big leagues. Miss more than a couple of days and you'll return to find your castle under siege, your vaults empty and your heroes dead. It's also a surefire way of missing out on a lot of cool content.

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#7 Trying to go it alone

As a wise old man once said: “It’s dangerous to go alone.” Nowhere is this more true than in an MMO game. The "multiplayer" part is there for a reason. Join a clan, a coalition, an alliance - anything to play with other people and grow stronger in a supportive environment.

#6 Neglecting defense

Maintaining both your offensive and defensive capabilities is a delicate balance to strike. A lot of players are so focused on creating a powerful army or upgrading their weapons that they overlook their armor and defenses. Joining a clan can help you settle into a role and specialization, but until then you need to be able to defend yourself, as well as attack.

#5 Not Asking for Help

There's no shame in asking for help. Every MMO has a living, breathing community of players that will gladly lend a helping hand, share some tips or point you in the right direction. Other players' experience is probably your best resource - don't be afraid to use it!

#4 Not playing the way you want to play

Don't let other players dictate which character build you're supposed to be using, or how many Mines you need to own. You can listen to other people's advice on how to get the best out of a certain class, but never let it get in the way of you having fun.

#3 Picking a silly username

Who would you rather raid with: EpicBeastSlayer or XxXCheezBurger97XxX? If you don’t take your nickname seriously, don’t expect others to take you seriously as a player.

#2 Being mean to newcomers

Everyone was a newbie at some point, and everyone has asked a stupid question at least once -  even you. Be patient when talking to or helping newcomers, have some manners, and you'll have a positive impact not only on their gaming experience, but on the community as a whole.

#1 Being afraid to make mistakes

Making mistakes is how we learn. Naturally, it's best to avoid mistakes, but don't let that fear hold you back from trying a new strategy or tactic. Dare to try and make mistakes, and always share them with your clan members so that everyone can learn to be a better player.

I wouldn’t have been able to put this list together if it wasn’t for the mistakes me and my friends had made. Hopefully, you’ll learn from them and maybe even correct some of your own. Spread the word among your friends and coalition members to make sure they grow stronger as individual players. It will only benefit your team, we promise.

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