How To Organize a Clan Across Different Time Zones

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Understand The Time Difference

When trying to coordinate various people throughout the world, whether it is in the workplace or in a gaming clan, there will come a time when someone has a problem with the schedule due to location issues, or simply doesn’t understand the time you want to meet.

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If you want to organize your clan or team as efficiently and easily as possible, you must first establish a time zone for your team and ensure that everyone knows which time zone you're making your plans by.

A good standard to use for teams with international members is the Coordinated Universal Timezone (UTC). From this, each member can simply convert it to their own time zone.

Understand The Time Difference

Even when you have everybody on the same page and everyone at least understands when they should meet, a comfortable time for you is not always a comfortable time for them. As a team leader, it's your job to take this into account. Remember to think about everybody's different cultures and their holidays and always be considerate when asking people to meet at a certain time. Ideally, you should try to come to a solution which suits everybody, even if it's not always possible. Across many time zones, someone is always going to suffer.

Try to rotate the suffering to keep all of your team happy. Believe us, they’ll thank you!

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Keep it simple

When you have everything working like clockwork, things can still go wrong: people can get confused, they can forget things, plans can change. Try to keep everything as simple as possible – every time you have a scheduled meeting, write it down somewhere everyone can see it. Plan everything in advance so that everyone has time to alter their schedules should they need to.

Follow these rules and you'll be well on your way to an (almost) stress-free clan!

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