An offensive versus a defensive strategy

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When we are talking about MMO Strategy, we must take into consideration your level within the game and your goals. So in this article we will assume that you are a beginner and that your level is low to medium.

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If you want to be highly active, and are prepared to face the consequences of being constantly raided yourself, then while you are a low level player you can be as aggressive as you want. The bottom line is that you have little to lose and much to gain! But you need to be prepared to keep on repeating the same re-building processes as more senior and stronger opponents will always try to ‘farm’ you – that is, raid you daily in order to take all of your in-game resources.

Offense versus defense

The truth is that you need a good defense to have a strong offense. So while you are raiding daily and performing the strategy game raiding tasks, you need to be balancing this with building your defense.

This may be traditional defensive units and base defenses, but more importantly, your best defense is to raise the level of your production so that you can produce more units, and therefore increase your offensive capacity.

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The ‘best’ strategy?

Truth be known, there is no secret formula for strategy. It all depends on your personality, and to a lesser extent, how you wish to negotiate with those around you. You can choose to be totally offensive and aggressive with no negotiations, or withdrawn and cautious, waiting for your opportunities.

Perhaps your strategy is to remain neutral and try to befriend your way out of every situation? The best strategy is usually a combination of all of those previously mentioned, depending on circumstances, and you will have ample situations to utilize and refine yours as you progress through the game.

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