Aggressive playing tips within the MMO world

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There is a well-defined, finite rate of replenishment within each ‘Base”, which will always be much less than the players who are proactive in Resource procurement. Through raiding, capturing targets and trading, any player can increase his level of resource income almost exponentially, far surpassing those who just wait for it to arrive "naturally".

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The previous article referred to why and how you should keep a good balance between resource productions, storage and thus troop levels. This article on the other hand, is all about increasing volume quickly through am aggressive playing style within the MMO world. To capture resources, you are going to have to Raid!

So you are going to need a strong Offensive force and also good intelligence gathering, whilst also having a little gumption to annoy the other players around you!

An excellent, low-risk strategy is to scout out your surroundings and find the “dormant” players to raid. They will be the bases or castles that seem to stagnate in their levelling, as they are usually occupied by players who have tired of the game a couple of times, before deciding to quit. The advantage you gain here is that obviously, being dormant, they won’t attack you back – the negative is that the rewards are generally low. Any player, who isn’t actively seeking out resources for himself, will always have fewer resources than those active players and thus will be less lucrative.

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For those of you who are feeling brave want to throw caution to the wind, spy on a base which is of a much higher level than yours and raid it if you so desire. The pay-out will be much larger, but your chances of actually getting a pay-out are much less. As they always say; “Fortune favors the brave”, and it certainly rings true in MMO games.

To accumulate more, or to gain something of more value, you almost always have to accomplish the more difficult tasks, or take bigger risks. The strategy you wish to choose is up to you, but be aware that without constant raiding and resource capturing, your progress through any and all MMOs will be both slow and difficult.

Happy raiding!

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