5 Acronyms We Deserve, But Really Don’t Need

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GG, LOL, AFK, IRL. Gamers have plenty of way to say a lot with as few letters as possible. My personal favorite is ROTFLMAOWTNTCOTTSIWE, which is pretty self-explanatory. However, there are still many other notions, emotions, and screams of rage that haven’t been distilled down to their most basic, unintelligible forms. I’m here to fix that.

Here are 5 acronyms gamers deserve, but really, really don’t need.

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HTFDINKI - How The [email protected]%! Did I Not Kill It

This cry of rage, despair and disillusionment has often echoed through the walls of an MMO gamer’s household. It’s reserved for when the final raid boss survives a massive magical attack with a sliver of health, or when an enemy base repels your attack with only one soldier left standing. The PvP version of this acronym replaces the “I” in the end with a “Y”, which stands for “You”. If the transgression repeats, the term can quickly turn into NSHTFDINKY - No Seriously How The [email protected]%! Did I Not Kill You?!

HSI4AM - Holy S#^% It’s 4 AM

How many times has this happen to you - you came back home, had a nice dinner and thought to yourself: “maybe just a quick raid or two before I head to bed”. Then, all of a sudden it’s 4am and you need to get up for work in a couple hours. This new acronym will help you convey this feeling to your clammates in the most appropriate way. “HSI4AM GTG TTYL”. Simple, right? It can also be used as way of showing off your dedication to the game and your clan. “HSI4AM I’ve been playing with your guys for 12 hours! Let's go for 12 more!”

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BTL - Blame The Lag

We’ve all met our fair share of sore losers in online multiplayer shooters. Kill them enough times, and they start crying in the chat about what a cheater you are, how the game is unfair, and how you are “paying to win” or something. They are always just one step away from blaming lag for all of their problems. With BTL, you can get ahead of them and show them how them how silly their excuses sound. Phrases like “Yeah yeah BTL” and “Go on, BTL” will hopefully convince them to be quiet and focus on getting better at playing the game.

GGNRIWJBP - Good Game, Not Really, I Was Just Being Polite

Sore winners are only slightly better than sore losers, and that’s just because everybody loves a winner. That’s why they too deserve a way to tell the world just how obnoxious they are. Thanks to GGNRIWJBP, sore winners everywhere will be able to say what they really mean instead of the lackluster and quite dishonest GG. However, I think it should be reserved for when your opponent really bombed, so they know you’re not making fun of them but encouraging them to do better. At least that’s what you can tell yourself every time you use this acronym.

YGR - You Guys Rock

Simple, short and clean, YGR embodies the perfect way for letting your friends and clanmates know how awesome playing with them is. Can be used after a successful raid or capturing a Beacon, or just whenever you feel like letting your team now how much they rock. Out of all the acronyms in this list, I think YGR is the only one we, as gamers, actually need.

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