I want to know more about in-game policies

Multi – Accounting Policy
Multi – Accounting Policy

By using Plarium’s Services players agree NOT to have more than one account at any given time, and shall not create an account using a false identity or information, or on behalf of someone other than yourself. It also keeps in line with Facebook Policy and we are legally obligated to follow up all reports of multi-accounting when we receive them.

Players found to be in violation of this policy will receive disciplinary action. Their alternate accounts will be permanently blocked without noticed, though they may retain access to one primary account at the discretion of the Plarium Customer Support Team contingent upon a commitment to create no further accounts in the future. Additional violations may result in permanent banning from the game.

We understand that multiple players may share the same IP address. These players may still need to prove they are different people. If you have had your account blocked due to suspicion of multi-accounting, you must individually contact our Support Team for us to determine the authenticity of your account..

How to Report Multi-Accounts.

When reporting multi-account abusers, we ask that all our players use the following procedure: gather as much evidence as possible -- be it screenshots, links to profiles, locations in the game, etc. -- and then send your report to our HelpDesk at http://support.plarium.com. You can also use the designated threads on our official social boards

We carefully review all of these reports, and sometimes this can take a bit of time. We ask for your patience.

Please note that in some situations we may be unable to tell you the specific outcome of our investigations, as it may violate the privacy of our users.

Reimbursement Policy

We strive to provide a fun and stable environment for players to enjoy the game play. Unfortunately, technical issues can occasionally arise that may disrupt the game service. While we cannot prevent all such possible issues, the Support Team strives to help players who experience technical problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you experience a technical issue while you're playing and some loss have occurred, you may contact Support Team via this link http://support.plarium.com us know what happened. Please provide the screenshots, detailed description of your issue and your request. We cannot accept player claims without supporting documentation as definitive evidence for these cases. When we receive a request for reimbursement, a Support Team member will review your request, verify the details, and take the appropriate action the sole discretion of the Support Team and Support Team Supervisor.

No Plarium employee outside of our designated Support Team is authorized to reimburse you or appeal the team’s decisions. This process also delivers important feedback to our development team about possible glitches in our game system that helps us improve the game.

As a rule, reimbursements will not be given by Plarium unless the Support Team is able to verify that the loss occurred due to a game irregularity outside of normal gameplay, primarily as the result of a documented bug or server error. All reimbursement requests must be sent within a week (7 days) from when the loss occurred. After that time we will not provide reimbursement.

Issues which are NOT considered valid for reimbursement include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Potential or theoretical gain. Only assets lost when already in possession of the player are eligible for reimbursement.
  • Any losses attributable to problems with a player's system (i.e. computer, Internet connection, etc.) or any system owned by a third party are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Being banned from the game for violating the In-Game Policies.
  • Timing out due to being away from your computer.

No guarantee of reimbursement is given or implied through the policies outlined here. The Customer Support team must investigate each case and reimbursements are given on a case-by-case basis. Plarium will at no point provide cash refunds, and will reimburse only with game currency of virtual products at their sole discretion.

Spamming with petitions or e-mails requesting reimbursements or giving false information in an attempt to have compensation is not permitted and may result in disciplinary action being taken against your account.

Harassment Policy
Harassment Policy.

This game is meant to be highly competitive. One result of this is that users often become highly emotionally invested in the gameplay. We ask that all users treat each other in a manner that keeps the game fun and safe, and hope that you will treat each other with a sense of sportsmanship and respect.

That being said, as a real-time massive strategy war-game, conflict is part of the experience. We'd like to take a moment to clarify where we define the line between gameplay and harassment.

What constitutes Harassment?

Any gameplay interactions that fall within the permitted game dynamics, rules, policies, and content guidelines are considered "fair game". Even multiple successive attacks by other players do not, in and of themselves, constitute harassment. Some players are predatory - and this is simply a gameplay decision. We recommend using the Plarium wiki (wiki.plarium.com) and members of our game community for defensive tips and strategies. You may also wish to focus on forming alliances or joining a larger Clan to defend yourself.

When attacks are accompanied by verbal abuse, threats of physical harm, profanity, racism or any other language or behavior that violates our policies, then this becomes a different matter. If you feel that you are under an immediate credible physical threat, do NOT contact Plarium first. Forward the threat directly to Facebook Support and/or to local law enforcement.

In non-critical situations we ask that you report these situations to the offender’s Clan Leader, designated game community administrator, or to Plarium Staff directly. These cases will be investigated on a case-by-case basis and dealt with accordingly. We ask that you take steps not to engage baiting behavior, avoid escalating the situation, and keep detailed records of suspected harassment.

How do I avoid player harassment?

There is a game feature that can be utilized to help avoid emerging player harassment situations. Use the “Block User” command while reading your Mail messages. The simple use of this command will effectively eliminate the messages of the specified player on your blacklist and in most cases end a potentially unsettling incident.

You may also contact the player’s Clan leader to report about the issue.

How to report harassment.

If you have taken all precautions as described above, and still feel you are being victimized, you can report this to our Support Stuff with supporting information and screenshots.. We will then review the incident to the extent of our available resources, and may request further evidence or contact the other party. If a player is found to be violating the harassment policy; they will be:

  • First warned against continuing the offending behavior
  • Continued behavior with result in the offending party being placed on a 3-day suspension

Continued violations will result in a 10-day temporary suspension from the game or permanent suspension of the user's game account, at the discretion of the Plarium Support Team./

Naming Policy
Naming Policy

The following are examples of Clan names that are NOT appropriate for the game. Some names that do not fall within one of the examples below may still be inappropriate. Plarium Support has final say over what constitutes a violation of the character naming policy.

  • Any name that contains obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit, offensive, profane, anti-gay, content. Any name that includes ethnically, racially or sexually discriminatory content, threatens any real-world hostility toward any specific individual, nationality, race or religion, or promotes the use of controlled substances or other illegal activity.
  • Trademarked names of products, goods, materials or services
  • Names intended to impersonate other players for malicious purpose.
  • Names which impersonate in-game characters, Plarium employees, past or present, for the purpose of misleading other players
  • We include any symbolic or alphanumeric representation that clearly violates spirit of this policy, (ex. J0hn$m17h1$4J3r|{, 1 D0|\|T |ik3 3$kim0s })

Names found to be in violation of this policy may result in warning, sanctions, or be subject to alteration without notice. When selecting a clan name, please consult our posted guidelines. If you are unsure as to whether a name is appropriate, please feel free to consult Plarium Support Representative.

Security Policy
Security Policy

We take all threats to the integrity of our players’ personal and account data, our playing community, and our intellectual property extremely seriously. We will do everything possible to ensure a safe and secure environment for our users and for our business and appreciate your assistance.

Social Network

The easiest way for people to access your account and personal information is by gaining access directly to your social network account. Follow these guidelines can help you keep your account secure.

  • Remember that NO Plarium employee will EVER request access to your account password and login information. If someone asks you for this information while claiming to be a Plarium employee, immediately contact Plarium customer service and do not share your information.
  • Offers that claim to grant “Free Rubies/Credits” and then ask for your social network login information are one of the most common ways accounts are compromised.
  • Change your passwords regularly and employ different cases, symbols, and numerals when selecting a new password.
  • Do not disclose any private data or personal information to anyone you don’t trust, and be sure to check that you recognize the URL and domain name before sharing any personal or financial data.
  • Check to make sure that secure browsing is switched ON in your account settings.
  • Many offers are used as vehicles for installing malware, viruses, trojans, keyloggers, and other malicious software. Be sure to have the latest antivirus software and exercise caution when dealing with any unfamiliar third party software or links.
  • If you are concerned or suspect that your account has been tampered with for any reason, contact your social network or our Support staff immediately.

Social network account security is the sole responsibility of the account holder, and Plarium claims no responsibility or liability from any losses or damages incurred as a result of compromised login information or third party security lapses.

Glitches and Bugs

While we strive to ensure the quality and integrity of our game, there may occasionally be bugs, glitches, and programming errors that enter the live gameplay servers. If you encounter what you suspect to be a bug, glitch, or error, please report it to Plarium Staff immediately as it may constitute a security risk.

In situations where a game error can be exploited in any way that compromises the intellectual property rights of Plarium LTD, any willful use of this game errors or bugs will be construed as Malicious Behavior and be penalized accordingly - regardless of whether this course of action resulted in financial loss or an unfair gameplay over other players.

Malicious Behavior

This includes any willful attempt to compromise the security of our users, servers, or gaming environment. This may include, but it not limited to, the use of exploits, hacks, cheats, third party software, interference with financial transactions, or the malicious targeting of Plarium or user computers or networks. To help us combat these abuses, we rely on the assistance of our players. If you encounter an individual who appears to be engaging in any of the aforementioned behavior, please report them to us immediately for investigation.

How to Report Security Violations

When reporting any suspected Security Violation we ask that all our players to use the following procedure: gather evidence -- be it screenshots, links to profiles, location in the game, etc. -- and then send your report to our HelpDesk at http://support.plarium.com. We carefully review all of these reports, and depending on our volume it may take some time for us to get back to you. We appreciate your patience.

Please note in some situations we may be unable to tell you the specific outcome of our investigations, as it may violate the privacy or security of our network or affected users

We ask that you please DO NOT report these issues on the forums, post links to third party software or files, or send PMs or emails to any other address as this may result in the propagation of embedded viruses or malicious software, the exploitation of impacted users, and spread inaccurate information. By directing all Security Violations through one designated channel, we will be better able to respond to these issues in a thorough and timely manner. We reserve the right to close or delete all threads that discuss Security Violations as we coordinate an official response.

Violations and Penalties.
Engaging in, promoting, or encouraging any illegal activity including hacking, cracking or distribution of counterfeit software. 1st offence – 10 days Account Ban. 2nd - Permanent Account Ban
Advertising websites that contain hacking/cheating programs and procedures; Sending an email falsely claiming to come from a legitimate source in order to steal confidential information to commit fraud and/or theft. 1st offence – 10 days Account Ban. 2nd - Permanent Account Ban
Exploiting any bug to gain unfair advantage in the game. Communicating information on how to exploit such a bug (either directly or through the public posting) to any other user. Seven (7) days Game Account Ban

I have a general question about the game

I can't attack a player. Why?

Users under Level 9 have Novice protection. They can attack any player but no one can attack their Haven. Users under Level 15 (or the ones registered for less than 5 days) can only attack players under Level 15 (or the ones registered for less than 5 days). Users of Level 15 and higher can only attack players of Level 15 and higher.

You can't launch any act of Piracy until you have constructed the Pirate Stronghold and the Tavern. You must also have researched the Order of Battle and Swordplay Discoveries and purchased at least one Unit.

How do I start the game over?

You can't. There are no dead ends in the game, and there is also no restarting on the same account. Don't worry: even if you make some mistakes in the beginning, you can always develop your Haven up to a higher level and fulfill all of Captain O'Malley's Tasks. Be sure to follow the instructions in the order that they're given or you'll slow down your Haven's development by using up your resources too fast. If this happens, just wait awhile until you collect enough to continue.

Where did Cpt. O'Malley's Reinforcements go?

The Cpt. "Bonnie" Anne O'Malley's Reinforcements are in your Pirate Haven. Open the "My Haven" tab at the Pirate Stronghold to view them. You can't command someone else's Reinforcements.

Can I cancel an attack/construction/upgrade/trade offer?

You have 50 seconds to cancel any action. 80% of the construction or upgrade cost will be returned to your account.

Why did I acquire 0 Resources after my last Raid?

There is a weekly cap of 50,000 Resources than can be gained from looting (or gifting) between two Havens. You may sail back and Raid this Haven again next week. Resources are recalculated every 7 days.

Can buildings be destroyed?

No, they can't. You lose only Crew and Resources if you fail to defend your Haven. The stronger the enemy force is, the more units and Resources you will lose during a defeat - but your buildings will be untouched. You can re-position all buildings and improvements on your Haven, but the only things you may permanently destroy are Fortifications (to make room for higher level replacements).

How do I modify or destroy existing buildings?

Click the "Edit" button in the top right-hand panel. You can move all of your structures, but only Fortifications and Improvements can be permanently deleted once they have been constructed. Remember that you can expand your Haven if you find yourself running out of space. You can also upgrade Fortifications to higher levels.

When can I attack other Havens?

Users under level 9 have Novice protection. They can attack any player but no one can attack their Haven. Users from level 9 through level 14 (or the ones registered for less than 5 days) can only attack players up to level 14 (or the ones registered for less than 5 days). Users of level 15 and higher can only attack players of level 15 and higher. You must also have researched the Order of Battle and Swordplay Discoveries and purchased at least one unit.

What does "Blockade" mean?

Blockading other Havens proves you're stronger than your rivals, and allows you to place in the Blockade and Ransom Rankings and ransom a percentage of your enemy's resource production. The Top 10 Captains in the Invasion and Ransom Rankings may also earn Crystals for holding their positions each week. Blockading an opponent does not eliminate them. You may also choose to ransom Havens you are currently blockading. Once held for ransom, these Havens will offer you a percentage of their Gold or Lumber production. To ransom a Haven you have Blockaded, go to the Pirate Stronghold and open the "Garrisons" tab, then select the Resource type you wish to collect from the Blockaded Haven.

The "Territories" tab displays information on:

  • All currently occupied Targets and Ransomed Havens
  • The amount of Resources currently ready for collection
  • Time remaining until next collection
  • Time remaining until the Ransomed Haven or Target's storage is full
  • Number and type of Units at each Ransomed Haven or Target

To collect all Resources accumulated in a Territory, click "Collect" when the button is active.

To select a different Blockaded Haven to ransom, remove one from your Territories list and add the desired Haven from your "Garrisons" tab.

I'm a Novice. Why do I get attacked?

Users under level 9 have Novice protection. They can attack any player but no one can attack their Haven. Users under level 15 (or the ones registered for less than 5 days) can only attack players under level 15 (or the ones registered for less than 5 days). Users of level 15 and higher can only attack players of level 15 and higher. However: If you attack ANY player above Level 9 - YOU LOSE YOUR NOVICE PROTECTION! If you initiate a war with another Haven while you're both below Level 15, it will continue even if one develops to the Senior levels above Level 15.

You can't initiate any act of piracy until you have constructed the Pirate Stronghold and the Tavern. You must also have researched the Order of Battle and Swordplay Discoveries and purchased at least one unit.

My Galleon is missing!

Go to the Market and open the "Galleons" tab, check both "Loaded Galleons" and "Galleons Underway". If you still don't see it, change the timeframe from "Current" to "Expired". Cancel expired trade offers to release your Galleons.

Why do I need Rubies?

Rubies give you extra advantages in the game. You can:

  • Get a 3-day 25% boost to your Rum, Gold or Lumber production.
  • Boost the rate of your building construction, Discoveries research, and Unit production.
  • They allow you to produce Veteran units.
  • Purchase Fortifications and Improvements.
  • Expand your Haven.

Purchase additional Rubies at the Bank by selecting the "Bank" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can get Rubies in lots of ways if you: Complete the game tasks. Level up. Play the game 5 days in a row. Take top Ranking positions. Get rewards for Foul Deeds.

Why did my Sketches disappear?

When you sell or exchange Sketches, they're gone. You do not retain a copy. Seawater does not agree with printing presses, and McCallan doesn't believe in making backup doodles. They will also disappear after you research the Discovery for which they were required.

Why do I get identical Sketches?

Your Tinker randomly doodles one new Sketch each day. If you receive 2 or more identical Sketches, you trade the extras for other Sketches you need at the Market.

How to keep track of my Crew?

Go to the Pirate Stronghold and open the "Underway" tab to check current information about your Crew's location and progress.

Can I skip the tutorial?

You can complete the Captain's tasks at any time you choose, but it is HIGHLY recommended that you follow the instructions in the order that they're given or you risk slowing down your Haven's development by using up your resources too fast. You'll also be passing up an easy opportunity to earn Rubies early in the game. Some of the rules and instructions are complex, so take the time to learn how to complete basic tasks. If you wish to skip ahead you can refer to the Help menu.

I run out of Rum all the time. Why is this happening?

If you constantly find yourself asking "Where's the rum gone?!", you're either carousing too much for a healthy pirate, or may simply need to up your production. All Buildings and Crew slowly consume Rum. You get a warning in your Naval Buildings if you don't have enough Rum to support new Units. Place your mouse over the "Resources" panel in the top left-hand corner of the screen to find out how many Resources you're acquiring or expending. If you do not have enough Rum to maintain your Units, they will gradually desert you. Upgrade your Rum Distilleries to keep the grog flowing and your crew loyal.

How do I increase the rate of my Rum production?

Upgrade your Windmill and Distilleries to produce more Rum. You can also use Rubies to temporarily boost Rum production by 25% for 3 days.

Are there any bonuses in the game?

Free Gold Chests, Rum Barrels, and Piles of Lumber will appear around you and your friends' Havens once a day. You also get a new Sketch from your Tinker each day. There is a 50 Ruby reward every time you play the game 5 days in a row, and you will be rewarded with Rubies when you complete each of the tutorial tasks or earn Medals for Foul Deeds.

How do I get more Rubies?

You can purchase additional Rubies at the Bank by selecting the "Bank" button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. You can also get Rubies by actions within the game: Completing the game tasks. Level up. Playing the game for 5 days in a row. Placing in the Top Ranking positions. Earn rewards for completing Foul Deeds.

How do I expand my Haven?

Invite more Friends to expand your Haven up to 3 times for free! Use Rubies for further Haven expansion.

Why don't I get instructions from Cpt. O'Malley?

Because you've completed your training! You've finished all of her tasks and are now ready to face the big bad world on your own two feet...or one foot and peg-leg, or whatever. You will still periodically get dispatches from Cpt. O'Malley about changes in the game, new events, etc. in your inbox. Get out there and plunder, loot, and ransack your black little heart out!

Why didn't I earn any Raid Ranking Points?

Raid Points are the amount or Resources you carried off during Raids minus the amount of Resources carried off from your Haven by raiders. If you get a negative number of Raid Points as a result, you can't place in the Raid Rankings.

I have reached my limit of 10 Raid attempts!

You will be permitted one new Raid attempt every 2.5 hours.

How can I know if I'm about to be Scouted?

Flying Dutchmen cannot be detected while they are en route, so there is no warning. Your Master at Arms will tell you whether you were successfully scouted only after the fact.

How do I defend my Haven from Enemy Scouting?

The more Flying Dutchmen you have in your Haven, the higher your chances are of repelling an Enemy Scouting attempt. You can also install Crow's nests along your beachhead to increase your Haven's Stealth Bonus and the defensive capabilities of your Haven's Flying Dutchmen.

What is a Haven Defense Bonus?

Defense Bonuses increase the defensive rating of your Haven's defenders. Build Fortifications (Walls, Towers, Gates, etc.) and Improvements (Brick roads, Planks, etc.) to increase your Haven's overall Defense Bonus.

Where can I view a unit's stats?

Click "More" above each unit when purchasing to view its characteristics.

How do I liberate my Haven from Blockade?

One of your Friends can liberate your Haven by sending you offensive Reinforcements or you can overthrow the blockader yourself - just build enough offensive Crew and click "Liberate" under the Blockader's name.

How do I expand my Haven if I have installed the Walls?

Expanding your Haven does not affect the number of Fortifications you have installed. But after you expanded your Haven, each side of the Beachhead will be longer so you may notice unfilled spaces. You will be able to purchase more Fortifications in order to fill the gaps and you can move and edit your emplacements to look more contiguous. These gaps do not negatively affect your Defensive Bonus.

How do I create a Brotherhood?

You must attain Level 30 and pay a set number of Rubies in order to create a Brotherhood.

To create a new Brotherhood, go to the Brethren Court, open the "My Brotherhood" tab, enter a unique name for your Brotherhood, and design a unique custom flag using the flag generator.

How do I control more Targets?

Build the Lighthouse and upgrade Whitmore & Co. to Level 6 to control 2 Targets. To control an additional Target, use Pearls to upgrade the required Skill Tree bonus up to Level 30, for a total of 3 Targets (including Relic Targets).

I didn't get any Bonus from a Prize!

Prize bonuses are based on a few different variables. The value of the Units, Resources, or items that you receive is roughly proportionate to the combined Resource value of the Units you've lost when fighting Prizes. That value may be subject to a Bonus multiplier, (offering you more or higher-level bonus units, Resources, or special game items), and also a chance of landing on "no Bonus". Each time you don't get a bonus, your previous "winnings" that weren't paid out are carried over to the calculation on the next higher level you engage. Every Prize you win increases the odds of receiving a payout, and the potential size of the total payout - so don't give up! If you get frustrated, remember that these missions are optional - you may prefer taking your chances in open battle.

Haven Defense Bonus and friendly Reinforcements

Relic attributes and Haven Bonuses influence all friendly Units currently stationed within your Haven, including friendly Reinforcements.

What are King's Pardons and where do I get them?

The Spanish Crown has vowed to secure its Presidios, preserve its stranglehold over the New World, and regain total control of the Caribbean - if it means hunting down every last Pirate alive. Any Brotherhood that captures a Presidio must be ready to defend it against waves of attacking Spanish forces (not to mention fellow Pirate Brotherhoods). In exchange for undermining the Spanish, the British have set aside their differences with the great pirate Brotherhoods and arranged Letters of Marque secretly granting them full King's Pardons for each successful defensive victory against the Spanish Armada. The more Spanish Units you kill, the more Pardons your Brotherhood will acquire. Access to Pardons is controlled solely by your Brotherhood's top-ranking leadership.

What are Voodoo Dolls and where can I get them?

Voodoo Dolls are magical objects that can be used by Brotherhood Members in secret pirate rituals to expand their Brotherhood's maximum membership limit. (Max. 150 Members)

Brotherhood Members will automatically begin receiving Voodoo Dolls for every 5th new Level attained (starting with Level 50) and can be applied to the Brotherhood Interface.