Pirates: Tides of Fortune is the only online browser war strategy game made for true pirates, buccaneers, and gentlemen o’ fortune! Seasoned sailors on the MMORTS seas can jump right into the action, while landlubbers can chart a new course under the guidance of their very own pirate mentor, the lovely Captain Bonnie Anne O'Malley.

Game Features:

  • Cooperative gameplay - join or create your own Pirate Brotherhood to battle side by side with your shipmates;
  • Live chat - talk to your Brotherhood members and other worldwide players in real-time;
  • Capture, fortify, and defend map locations together with your friends;
  • Over 24 different swashbuckling units – choose your crew and build a pirate fleet;
  • Cooperative Global Quests and Single Players Campaigns – work with players worldwide to complete special missions or chart your own adventure!
  • Master game-changing discoveries while engaging in Trade, Warfare, and Diplomacy.

All these features and more are available with dazzling 3D graphics and artwork, fully-voiced characters, and rich storylines! So, grab your cutlass, raise your fleet, and build your Pirate Haven as you battle rival Captains for plunder and mastery of the Seven Seas!

Players Feedback

  • Pirates: Tides of Fortune is a great online strategy game that grabs you from the start with its hi-end graphics, the challenge of completing quests, and the opportunity to raid and to be raided thus giving you the opportunities to progress in the game. The great feature of this MMORTS game is being able to join, or even create your own Brotherhood and fight side by side with your friends. Pirates: Tides of Fortune, in my opinion, is a great browser game that lets you keep in touch and compete with your friends, it's an exciting adventure that anyone should just try! Lee Delgado
  • My pirate life began unexpectedly, one evening I decided to find an online strategy game to be constantly in contact with my friends. I wanted to be in a competition where I have the chance to become one of the best players in the game. I found Pirates: Tides of Fortune and it basically changed my life. This cool browser game gives me a view on pirates' life, tough and tender, suffering and engaging, and above all, totally beyond my imagination and expectation. PToF is elegantly and stylishly structured, and it looks great thanks to highly-detailed objects, animations, and jaunty sound. To me, this mmorts is the best online game ever! Grigore Liviu
  • I've been searching and searching for some online strategy game to play and finally found Pirates: Tides of Fortune. This game gives you all you wanted - the tutorial guides you through the game in the beginning helping you to develop your base (haven); the ability to be a part of a brotherhood with your friends is awesome, especially the live chat panel. This browser game is a great way to meet cool people and cooperate with friends from all over the world! Felius Hingco
  • What can I say...? This is the best online strategy game!!! I play all day and most of the night, sometimes even all night long. My girlfriend is threatening to leave me if I don't stop... but who cares, I've got raids to do!!! Good job with this game you guys! Respect from me! Netea Alexandru
  • I started playing this mmorts since its launch and I have been enjoying this game ever since. Pirates: Tides of Fortune gained me over from another pirate game that I had been playing for a long time. I've made lots of friends in several brotherhoods, and we've helped each other grow. I love this browser game; I do spend a lot of time playing it. If I'm not raiding resources, I send reinforcements to my brotherhood members. Enjoy the game and fair winds, pirates! Papaw The Wolf
    • Over 20,000,000 players enjoying the game worldwide
    • Available in 8 languages (including pirate English)
    • The best pirate-themed hardcore strategy game
    • Over 10,000 battles every day